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Women Empowerment programmes for Bank Exams

We are providing details of Women Empowerment programmes for IBPS Bank and others.Women Empowerment which is the hot topic of discussion for all times has a very wide importance in the current social scenario of the country. In a country like India where the women are considered inferior to men and are exploited in each step of life from marriage to the offices and all others fields need emancipation. No doubt there are a few ladies in India who have excelled in the field of business, leadership, Banking and Finance and all other sector including defence. But this is the result of their own environment they have studied, the security they have got by birth and the background of their family and many more conditions are there. A woman in general needs emancipation in India and that’s why it is hot topic of discussion in the current social strata of Life. All the women need to be independent and must be able to sustain their life in a world dominated by the males.

Women emancipation programs in India:

In India there has been a lot of programs that have been developed for the women empowerment. They have not been fully implemented as there are shortcomings in the basic political and social structure of India yet these emancipation programs have played a useful role in giving the freedom and power to the women in India. a lot of questions are always asked in any competitive examination related to these programs and the candidates are expected to have a knowledge of what out government have been doing for the women empowerment. Surely it should be implemented with the sense of duty and more security is needed to be provided to the women in India for their freedom. Candidates must learn these programs and they will be surely asked in the UPSC, SSC and Banking examinations.

A lot of awareness for the women emancipation has been brought by the media and public after the Delhi Rape cases and the government was forced to make a news law for the rapist and make the woman more independent and free. These steps have not been implemented in real practice due to structural loopholes in the country yet they have proved to be somewhat useful.

Here is the list of all such programs which have been started and brought in to action in India.

Sr.NO Name of the Programme Shortly known as Established on
1 Support to Training and Employment Programme For women STEPW 2003-04
2 Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls RGSEAG 2010
3 Rashitriya Mahila Kosh – National Credit Fund for women 1993
4 Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana IGMSY
5 Swayam Siddha 2001
6 Swadhar 1995
7 Support to Training And Employment Programme for Women STEP 1986
8 Development of women and children in rural areas DWCRA 1982
9 Dhan Laxmi 2008
10 Ujjwala 2007
11 Gender Budgeting Scheme GBS 2004
12 National Mission For Empowerment of Women NMEW 2010

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