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Types of computer based on configurations of computers

There are different types of computers as discussed in the earlier posts. Based on the configurations these can be different type of computers too. These are main frame computers, mini computers, micro computers and super computers etc. each has its own cons and pros and they do not usually used in all the environments. They are used according to the need of the organization. There are some of the questions which are generally asked in the IBPS PO and clerk examinations based on the configurations of the computers. Many candidates may be wondering what I mean by the configuration. A configuration simply mean the motherboard, types and number of processors, types and number of RAMs in the computer and the strength of the computer etc. here we are going to provide the candidates with all the useful information related to the above configuration.

Micro computer:

This is what most of us are working on. These computers are called micro computers because the motherboard micro computer imageuses the circuit which of the size of 10^-6 that is they are micro in size. They are very powerful and generally have one to two RAMs and high memory and storage capability. Examples are Desktop computers, Laptop computers and hand held devices etc.

Mini computers:

These computers are generally large in size as compared to the micro computers. They can perform a lot of functions simultaneously that mini computers cannot.

Main Frame computers

These are very big in size and require Air conditioning to cool them like IBM Main frame computers. They generally main frame computers imageact as processors and they are very fast. They are large in size but they can perform very large calculations in seconds that ordinary computers cant. They allow million of users to work simultaneously on them.

Super computer

Super computer is like ordinary computers which have very high processing speed. It can be as smaller as the micro computers. It uses more than one processor to increase its speed and uses the concept of parallel processing to achieve the level of speed.

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