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Types of computer systems Topic For Banking

There can be many types of computer systems. They can be analog or digital as originally they were. With the time they have evolved into hybrid computers which provided the features of both the types of computers. Types of computer can be categorized on the basis of different parameters. Here we are categorizing the computers based on the type of input that they process. However computers can be categorized based on their size, processing capability, processor speed and so many other factors. Candidates are expected to learn some of the categories of the computers and the type of these computers which are generally asked in the examinations. Here we are discussing types of computers based on their input that they use to process. Based on the configurations computers can be categorized as mini computers, micro computers, main frame computers and super computers.

Analog computers:

Analog computers were the earlier computers and they used to work on the physical qualities like voltages, current, temperature and pressure etc.  They used to convert the one quantity into another based on the physical measurement of physical quantities.

Digital computers:

These were computers which were developed after the analog computers. They could understand the language of 0 and 1. This is the binary language that the computer understands. The computer which is based on these digits is called digital computer. Some circuits were used to make the computer understand the value of 0 and 1. For computer low voltage means 0 and high voltage means 1. Using these two concepts and using the different combinations of these concepts the digital computers are used.

Hybrid computers:

These computers possess both the feature of digital computers and analog computers. They can convert the analog signals into digital signals and vice versa.

Candidates must understand these concepts clearly which will help them to understand the computer based on these. Concepts related to digital computers are often asked in the examinations and candidates must know that the digital computer is actually work on only 2 digits 0 and 1 and all other are only its combinations.

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