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Topics to Prepare for Banking Interviews IBPS SBI

As the time is coming nearer for the IBPS PO interview processes this which will be conducted in January 2015 candidates are very much worried about their interviews and what to prepare for the interviews in Banking. The Bank interview generally consists of 4-5 members of interviewers and they ask different questions according to the field of the candidates. All the members are over 40 and they are government employees. Candidates should answer the questions in good manner and respectfully. This is very important for the interviews. Candidates must be confident while answering the questions and they must not be confused. They you do not know the answer of some of the questions you can simply say that you did not know that. Here are some of the topics to prepare for Banking Interviews and candidates must check these topics and prepare according to it. These are the basic questions which are asked.

Following are some of the topics that the candidates are asked questions and they must prepare all those topics before they appear for their Banking interviews.

  1. One of the important thing is that candidates must have Basic details of their state (Or the state from which you are appearing if its different from your state)
  2. Basic details about the bank for which you are appearing for the Interview.
  3. Questions from your Family and Educational Background. This is often asked in all the interviews and candidates must prepare this well.
  4. Basic Financial Terms like bill of exchange, Cut Motion, SLR, CRR, banking Regulation Act, Money Laundering, and Financial Inclusion Etc must be learnt well.
  5. Know about some Important People of India like Chief of Planning Commission and Election Commission Etc. CM and Governors of All States which have their roles in country development.
  6. Terms like Inflation / Current Slowdown in the economy and what do you think about them?
  7. RBI’s Role in Economy and its policies.
  8. Candidates are advised to read last 5 days’ newspaper (before the day of the Interview) preferably “The Hindu” or “Economic Times” which will be very useful to them.
  9. Prepare well the subjects related to your Qualification/ education as they may ask number of questions from the subjects related to your Qualifications only.
  10. if you are a Commerce graduate then from Ratios, Balance Sheet and if you are an IT candidate then Ethical hacking, Money Laundering, It in Banks culture etc should be prepared.
  11. If you are an MBA then prepare questions from your specialization
  12. They often ask the current news and current affairs and candidates must prepare it well before going to face the interview. Read the recent news paper or if you do not have enough time then you can read the headlines of major dailies before you appear for the interview.
  13. Read details of the state you belong. Some questions will be asked from it.

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