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Time Management tips for IBPS /SBI Bank Exams

Time Management tips for IBPS SBI bank examination.Candidates who are preparing for the examination should make it sure that they manage the time in the best way that they can as management of time in the examination is very important. Sometimes there are many candidates who know the answers of many questions that they could not solve due to lack of time in the examination. Here is how they can manage their time for the examination and they will be called for the examination soon.

Currently the SBI has invited online applications for 2000 posts of PO and candidates in large numbers have applied for the examination. This is giving to help the candidates in their preparation for the examination and efficient time management for the banking examination. They will be able to complete the sections on time and they will be able to core good marks in the upcoming examination. Here are some of the ways to manage your time in the bank online examination.

Time management tips for banking examination

First of all, candidates will have to identify the sections which take less time to solve them. For example, the general awareness, computer section and the Marketing aptitude etc takes less time. Candidates will have to spend less time for this section. They can try to solve these sections in the minimum time period as you can simple read a question and you can mark the answer if you know it, so it takes very less time. Less time tasking sections are:

  1. General Awareness
  2. General computer knowledge and marketing aptitude

Allot the time say 20-25 minutes for these section as it will be enough for these sections.

Candidates will have to give more time for some of the sections like Reasoning and Aptitude section which need solving the questions and candidates will have to spent a  lot of time on them. You can only do this if you have ample amount of time still left which in turn is possible only of you have spent less time on other section.

English section:

Candidates can spent somewhat like 20-27 minutes in the English section too. Those who are weak in English may spent more than 30 minutes in this section and they have to manage the time for other sections accordingly.

For the rest of the sections like Aptitude and Reasoning you can give the full time left after solving these sections.

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