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List Of Famous Inventions And Their Inventors

List Of Famous Inventions And Their Inventors.There are a lot of questions which are asked related to the number of discoveries that are made in the world by different scientist and engineers in the world. This is matter of proud for any country if something of the universal values and of the humanitarian use has been discovered by any national ... Read More »

List of international airports in India

Read List of international airports in India.Here is the list of all the international airports which the candidates can learn for the upcoming SSC FCI and other banking examinations 2017-18. This is the trend in banking examination that SSC has been asking the questions from this section. All those who want to pass the examination can learn the details which ... Read More »

List of all national and international awards

List of all National and international awards- Information and Irony.Awards are constituted with a nobel purpose of encouraging individuals for their good work they have done for the humanity and to inspire all other individual in the world for the same. This way we can keep track of goodness which can lead to a good life for all. There are ... Read More »

Standard measurement in sports

Static GK- standard measurement of various sports.There are many popular sports which are played in the world and people are very much inspired and excited for these sports. There are some very popular which are played in almost all the countries like Cricket, Football, table tennis, Lawn tennis, Chess etc. But there are other popular sports which are played indigenously ... Read More »

Countries and their parliaments Name

Static GK bankers adda of Countries and their parliament for banking exam 2016.In Latest banking examination 2016-17 there are 2-3 questions which are being asked from the static GK and all those candidates who are preparing for the examination will need to qualify the exam and here is the list of various courtiers and the name of their parliament. Parliament ... Read More »

List of mountains in india with states

Read here List of mountains in india with states pdf- geography for exam. Static gk for banking ibps po and clerk exams 2016-17.Mountains are the rock and sand deposits through the rivers which over the large time period converted into mountains. These mountains have a large role to play into the lives of common men and also in the country. ... Read More »

Important Articles of the Constitution of India

Important articles of Indian constitution for exam.India is the largest country in the world when compared to the number of electorates. It has also the largest written constitution in the world. But it has not been properly implemented as the politicians/ Mafia are playing their role to keep people of India ignorant and due to massive poverty and lack of ... Read More »

Mineral resources in India (Static GK For Banking)

Mineral resources in India for exam (Bankers adda static gk) There are various examination including UPSC and SSC where the general knowledge is very important and candidates should know some of the most commonly asked questions in these examination. One of the questions are asked from mineral resources in the country. It is strange that despite large number of available mineral ... Read More »

Static GK First woman in India

Static GK Facts- First woman in India.Woman no doubt has played a very important and crucial role in every aspect of life. From a mother to a worker, maid, politician, pioneer, social worker, teacher they have their part in the development of society and nation. Indian woman are no exception to it. They have played major roles in the governance, ... Read More »

Simple trick to remember Country Capital

Read bnkersadda banking exams preparation Simple trick to remember Country Capital .Here are some tricks to remember the country and their capital. Country and capitals are often asked in examination mainly in bank exams and a lot or candidates have been preparing for this. There are many candidates who found difficulty in learning the country and capital names currency list and they ... Read More »