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SBI launches “Work from home” facility for employees Soon

Banking imp update SBI launches “Work from home” facility for employees.State bank of India which is the largest public sector banking system in the country has approved “work from Home” facility for its employees and this is a move towards the more technological advancement in the banking sector.

As the data of bank is very sensitive so outside use of data is restricted and employees can access the server only at an intranet site which is available to the employees only at the branch offices of SBI. But SBI now has come closer to more technological advancements by approving the “Work from home” facility. Now employees will also be able to access the bank network from home. They can work for various operations in the bank. Here are some of the details about the SBI new policy of work from home for employees. This is no less than a blessing for the employees.

SBI’s Work from home facility details

Though SBI has launched the facility for employees to enable them to work from home and access the bank network from home also, this may have some serious issues on data integrity and data management. SBI is focusing on advance mobile technologies which will enable data security through a central system which will monitor the moves of the employees and their location as well.

If SBI is successful in this step it will be a huge step towards technological advancements in the bank. Soon other banks too may start the facility but as of now it only lies with the state bank of India. The more important thing is how SBI will cater to the need to data integrity and security along with providing the employees access the basis banking facilities from the home. SBI is currently pioneer in this step

Soon this will encourage other public sector and private sector banks for it. This is a welcoming step for employees of SBI and their work will become easier and more flexible. Candidates can search for more details for SBI work From Home facility.

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