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Railway budget 2014-2015 highlights pdf For Banking

Railway Budget Highlights 2014-15 Pdf for various government examination.In India the railway budget is presented differently from the union budget. Budget is nothing but a legal paper which mentions the government expenditure and revenue for the current fiscal year. This is a part of Fiscal policy of the government. Union budget is presented in the parliament on the last working day of February each month and this contains the expenditure and the revenue the government is likely to earn and spend on various things for a year. The railway budget is presented by the Railway minister and it can also be presented by the Finance minister of the country. Railway budget is presented to tell what the Indian Railways is planning to improve and introduce for the coming financial year and the various revenues and expected revenues that it likely to earn from the various services it offers and the various types of expenditures that it has. Indian Railways are the largest Public sector Unit in the country. Being the fully government, Indian Railway is in loss. To improve its performance several steps have been taken from time to time.

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When Lalu Prased Yadav was the Railway minister in the congress, he has done some outstanding works which improved the conditions of Railways and improved its Revenues. The current government has a lot of plans which still have to be implemented. It is planning to start the semi high speed trains and the first train will be started from the Delhi to Agra and the speed of the train will be 140 Km. this is only a trail and if this will be successful, soon the people will be able to see the Semi high speed and high speed trains in the Indian Railways. The government has not included any facility on station or in Railways which can be realized but the freight cost and the passenger fair has been increased so much. The ticket cancellation and the reservation over the internet has been costly. It is planning to start a few more trains thought yet no train except the Trina to Katra has yet been started by the government for the general public.

There are questions which are asked from these sections in the examination about the highlight of Railway budget which the candidates should learn and questions are designed from this section.

Railway Budget 2014-15 Highlights for the examinations

  • No increase in passenger fares and freight charges
  • Bullet train in Mumbai – Ahmedabad sector
  • Plan to hike speed of trains to 160 – 200 Kmph in 9 sectors
  • Online platform for unreserved tickets
  • Online booking to support 7,200 tickets per minute; to allow 1.2 lakh users simultaneously
  • Combo parking-platform tickets at stations
  • 4,000 women constables to be recruited to ensure personal safety of women; 17,000 RPF constables to provide safety to passengers
  • Cleanliness budget up by 40% over the last year; CCTVs to be used at stations for monitoring cleanliness
  • Battery-operated cars for differently-abled and senior citizens at major stations
  • Retiring room facility to be extended to all the stations
  • Feedback services through IVRS on food quality
  • Food can be ordered through SMS, phone; Food courts at major stations
  • Setting up of corpus fund for stations’ upkeep; RO drinking water in some stations & trains
  • Automatic door closing in mainline and suburban coaches
  • 58 new trains and extension of 11; 864 additional EMUs to be introduced in Mumbai over 2 years
  • FDI in railway projects, except in operations
  • FDI, domestic investments in rail infrastructure
  • Internet and workstation facilities on selected trains; Wi-Fi in A1, A category stations and in selected trains
  • Railways university for technical and non-technical subjects
  • Some stations to be developed to international standards through PPP model
  • Parcel traffic to be segregated to separate terminals to make passenger traffic unhindered
  • Loss per passenger per kilometer up from 10% in 2000-01 to 23% in 2012-13
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  • Solar energy to be tapped at major stations
  • Highest ever plan layout of Rs.65,455 Crore for 2014-15
  • Expenditure in 2014-15 pegged at Rs. 149,176 Crore; Receipts in FY15 pegged at Rs. 1.64 lakh Crore
  • Indian railways to become the largest freight carrier in the world
  • Social obligation of railways in 2013-14 was Rs. 20,000 Crore
  • Gross traffic receipts in 2013-14 was Rs. 12,35,558 Crore; Operating ratio was 94%
  • Indian railways spent Rs. 41,000 Crore in laying of 3700 Km of new lines in 10 years
  • Fare vision will bring in Rs.8000 Crore; need another Rs.9000 Crore for golden quadrilateral project
  • With 12,500 trains, railways move 23million passengers every day
  • Separate housekeeping wing at 50 major stations
  • Mechanized laundry will be introduced
  • Dedicated freight corridor in eastern and western corridors
  • 5400 unmanned level crossing removed
  • Tourist trains to be introduced to link all major places of tourist interests across the country
  • Ultrasonic system to detect problem in track
  • Diamond Quadrilateral project of high speed trains to connect all major metros
  • GIS mapping and digitization of railway Land. Extension of logistics support to various e-Commerce companies
  • Facilitate milk through rail; Special milk transportation trains in association with Amul and National Dairy Association Board
  • One ticket to reach from Delhi to Srinagar. Uddhampur to Banihal by bus and Banihal to Srinagar by train.
  • Train connectivity to Char Dham
  • Paperless office of Indian railways in 5 years; digital reserve charts at stations
  • Ready-to-eat meals of reputed brands to be introduced in phased manners
  • New Services
  • New Trains
  • 17 Premium trains
  • 38 Express trains
  • 10 Passenger trains
  • 4 MEMU
  • 3 DEMU
  • Extension and Increase in frequency
  • 3 Extension of trains
  • 3 increase in frequency
  • Budget Estimates 2014-15
  • Freight loading of 1101 MT, 51 MT more than 2013-14
  • Growth in passenger traffic – 2%
  • Freight Earnings – 1,05,770 cr.
  • Passenger Earnings – 44,645 cr, after revenue foregone of  610 cr on account of rollback in monthly season ticket fares.
  • Total Receipts –  1,64,374 cr; Total Expenditure –  1,49,176 cr;
  • Pension estimated at 28,850 cr.
  • Dividend payment estimated at  9,135 cr.
  • Operating Ratio to be 92.5%, an improvement of 1% over 2013-14

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