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Railway Budget 2015 Update News For All Exams

Rail Budget news and updates in 2015 pdf .Railway budget is prepared and presented separately from the union budget each year and this is tabled in the parliament one day earlier than the union budget. A lot of candidates who have been preparing for the examination for banking and insurance sector will get to know a lot of news about the railway budget and it is going to be asked in most of the competitive examinations now. They can learn the basic of this budget from the points which has been covered here. Indian Railways is the largest public sector enterprises in India and it has 17 major Railway zones and has revenue of more than 17 Lakh crore yearly. This is so high and most of the revenue comes from the freight. The Rail fare has not been increased for the passengers as it has already been increased by the government a couple of months back. There is no change in any structure of Railway except the new projects and schemes which is going to be launched. Now the ticket can be booked even before 5 minutes of the actual departure of the train if the train has the berth available in it.

Some of the Major news in Railway budget 2015 has been given here.

Government is planning to install lifts and escalates in major stations and it is going to spend 120 crore for this purpose. It has decided to add more number of general class coaches to the Railways as the need for the general coaches is very high. It is also planning to set up 1000MW capacity solar enable power regenerating engineers to help Railways to meet the need of power. Railways is going to become paperless in some years and now most of the reservation related works will be available online which the customers can get benefit from. As a part of digit India initiative, government is planning to install Wi Fi on major stations for the customers. Mobile app will be generated for the customers where they can make the complaints regarding the services of the Railways online and instantly. Government is planning to start 77 news similar projects which will be initiated soon according to the sources. All the candidates who are going to appear in the examination online should have their mind on the Railway budget and the union budget news and important points of 2015 as a lot of questions are going to e asked from These areas.

  • Here are some of the major highlights of Railway budget 2015
  • SMS alert to be introduced for train timings
  • To introduce air-conditioned coaches for suburban trains Wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations
  • To revamp station redevelopment policy completely
  • To have bidding system for redevelopment of stations
  • To develop 10 satellite railway stations this year 800 km of gauge conversion will be commissioned
  • E-catering introduced in 108 trains, can order on IRCTC website
  • To expand water vending machines on more stations
  • On-board entertainment facility could be extended on Shatabdi trains
  • Mobile charging stations will be introduced general class coaches
  • More general class coaches will be added to select trains for benefit of the common man
  • Railways plans to spend over Rs. 8 lakh crore over five years Pension funds, multi-lateral banks have evinced interest in Railways
  • Projects for rail connectivity to many ports and mines
  • To monetize assets rather than sell them To set up full-fledged Railway University in FY16
  • 2000 crore for Coastal Connectivity Program;
  • 2500 crore through BOT/Annuity route Drawing up comprehensive policy to tap latent advertising potential
  • Online application for all recruitment process
  • To impart soft skills to our staff we intend to impart regular training

2015 Padma Awards 2015

This is important to note that Railway is planning to organize online examination and now the application forms for all the Railway examinations will be online from the coming sessions. It will be good news for the Railway aspirants. Railway Union however is not ready with the government move on FDI. Government has earlier gave its node to 100% FDI in Railway operations which made it more dependent on foreign entities for the operation related decision making process. Now the Railway union is opposing it and it wants the government to retract its decision of FDI in government, they want the Railways to be fully government sector only and the reforms should in the structure of Railway only to improve its services and timely delivery of the services. Government is also planning to make infra long term fund for Railway.

Railway aspirants who have been preparing for the examination should be able to learn all the news regarding the Railways budget from here and they can prepare their own notes to beer understand the Railway budget and should work hard in the upcoming examinations which is very important for the candidates.

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