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Physical appearance and clothing for the Bank Interviews

For Banking Interviews candidates have been looking for what they appearance should be or what they should wear while attending the interviews. This is the solution and answers to all their queries regarding the clothing at interviews and their appearance. All those who are preparing to appear for the IBPS PO Interviews which is going to be conducted in the month of January 2015 and IBPS RRBs interviews which will be conducted throughout the year based on the bank in which the candidates have applied. Physical appearance should not matter as I have seen a number of candidates who wear anything in the Interviews and they are selected because their attitude is soft and normal. This articles is answer for Does physical appearance matter in a job interview.This is what the interviewers is seeking in the candidates.

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The candidates must be polite in answering the questions and he must hold good attitude but should not be over confident. This is very important for the interviews be it IBPS PO or IBPS Clerk or any individual banks.

What clothes to wear in Banking Interviews

Candidates can wear the cloths which are fit to them. They should not be very loose and nor very tight. The candidates must feel comfortable in the suit that he / she wears. Male candidates should wear a shirt and pant while this is not necessary and there is no any guidelines for the same but it is very good practice to look formal during the interviews. That is why all the candidates are advised to wear Shirt and Pant.

  1. The color of shirt that the candidate wears must not be very dark. It should be light and look normal.
  2. The pant should not be light. Whether it can be brown or it should be black. It must be formal and candidates should feel comfortable in those clothing.
  3. All the cloths should be pressed and look normal and good. They must be neat and clean.
  4. The hairs of the candidates must not be very long. While this will not affect your marks in interviews but to show good personality it is important for the hairs to e groomed properly and must be cut short. It should look appropriate.
  5. The shoes must not be sports shoes. Candidates must wear the black formal shoes and black or brown socks if they have.

Appearance of girl candidates for banking Interviews

Girls are often very styles and want to show a lot of things. It is not bad but during the interviews they can be formal which will be more effective for the interviews.

  1. While wearing the clothes they must check that they are not looking too western. They can wear sari for the interviews or the Salwar and Kurta if they have. They can also wear shirt and pant but shirt must be white in color and pant must be dark black.
  2. Female candidates should make sure that their hairs are properly combed and groomed before they are appearing for the interviews.
  3. They must use the light nail police if they want to. Their clothing must not be of very dark color. It must be light and look good and they should feel comfortable in those clothes.

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