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Parts Of Computer And Their Functions

As earlier said that computer is only an electronic device which performs different functions at a very high speed. With the invent of artificial technology, computer have been using fuzzy logic to make the decisions by themselves and they are becoming more intelligent in each day. Here are some important parts of the computer which everyone must know. The parts of computer can also be categorized into two types. In the first type we deal with those hardware components which are inbuilt in the CPU and the other hardware are those which are attached to the CPU also called the peripheral devices. So we can say that the hardware can be divided into two main types which are given below.

Those devices which are in built in the motherboard are:

  • CPU
  •  Mother Board
  •  RAM
  • Sound Card
  • Video Card
  • Hard Drive
  • DVD

The other devices called the peripheral devices are generally attached to the parts of the CPU which are called its extensions. These devices are composed of

  •  Keyboard
  •  Mouse
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Monitor
  • Speakers

CPU the brain of computer:

Candidates have already been told about the Input and output devices. Mow we come to the next part which is called the CPU. CPU stands for central processing unit. It is called the brain of computer as it performs all the important functions of the computer.

CPU has two important parts. These are

1.       ALU (arithmetic and Logic Unit)

2.       Control Unit

ALU performs all the computer arithmetic and calculation related tasks like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc. It can also perform operations like negation, complement, exponential operations and many more. It can perform both binary and unary operations.

Control Unit: control unit is composed of several other hardware which actually work to control and regulate the operation and processing of the computer. It works as the decision maker in any operation. It decides what operation to perform, when to perform it and how to perform it.

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