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Recently appointed 4 new governors By BJP Modi Govt

4 new governors appointed in 4 different states/ UT.Newly appointed governors of india 2016 by BJP Modi Govt.Governor is a post which is chosen by the ruling government of the country and he/ she remains in the office at the pleasure of the president of India. In the state, Chief Minister is the executive head and does all the functions related to the state’s development and makes policies for it. Governor is the nominal head of the state who exercises his power whenever the ruling party in the state goes beyond the laws made for it to function by the constitution of India. But the current BJP government seems negligent in this approach provided the constitution and it is misusing the power of the governor. Earlier the Supreme Court ruled that the power exercise by the governor of Assam (BJP governor) was unconstitutional and it directed the center government to work as per the norms laid down by the constitution. Currently 4 new governors have been appointed which are as under:

Newly appointed governors of india 2016

Details about 4 new governors of states

  • State of Manipur – NajmaHeptulla
  • State of Punjab – V.P. Singh Badnore, and
  • State of Assam – BanwarilalPurohit.
  • Lieutenant- Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands –JagdishMukhi

Details about new governors:

About NajmaHeptulla :

Dr.NajmaAkbaraliHeptulla is an Indian politician. She is a former vice-president of the Bharatiya

JanataParty(BJP), and a five time member of the RajyaSabha, the Upper House of the Indian

parliament, between 1986 and 2012, and Deputy Chairman of the RajyaSabha for sixteen years.

  • About V.P. Singh Badnore :
  • He was Elected from Rajasthan
  • Place of Birth- Badnore, Distt. Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
  • Political Party- BharatiyaJanata Party


  • A.(Hons.), Business Management
  • Educated at Mayo College, GovernmentCollege, Ajmer and A.S.C.I., Hyderabad
  • Profession before joining politics:Agriculturist/Farmer, Political and SocialWorker, Sportsperson, Environmentalist

About BanwarilalPurohit:

BanwarilalPurohit was a Member of Parliament from theNagpur (LokSabha constituency) three

times, twice as a Congress member, once as a BJP member. In 1984, he was elected to the 8th Lok

Sabha as member of Congress Party. He was re-elected in 1989 on Congress ticket.

About JagdishMukhi:

JagdishMukhi is a leader of BharatiyaJanata Party. He was born in 1942 in Dajal, DeraGazi Khan.

Mukhi is a former minister of Finance, Planning, Excise and Taxation and Higher Education in Delhi government.

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