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New one Rupee Note 2017 to be launched by RBI

GK update 2017 for banking .New one Rupee Note to be launched by RBI- features.Reserve bank of India has the sole authority and autonomy to print the currency notes and it also mints the coins under Coinage Act of India 2002. All currency notes bears the sign of the RBI governor while one rupee note bears the sign of the finance secretary of India. This makes it possible for the government of India to control the money and abolishing the autonomy which RBI may have. RBI has decided to launch new one rupee notes which will have some different features- color combination from the earlier notes.

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 The features of new one rupee notes have been bulleted below and you can learn these details. This is expected to be asked in all banking exams which are going to be conducted over the period of time. The new note will be printed in green-pink color while the older one rupee notes will remain a legal tender under coinage Act 2002 of the government of India.

Features of new one rupee note for bank exams

  • The new notes, printed by the Government of India, will be predominantly pink-green in colour.
  • The design on the reverse side will consist of the picture of ‘SagarSamrat‘, the oil exploration platform of Maharashtra.
  • The note will have the bilingual signature of Shaktikanta Das, Secretary, Ministry of Finance.
  • The note will have the watermark of Ashoka Pillar in the window.
  • It will contain the words ‘Government of India’ and ‘भारतसरकार’  and have the replica of the new one rupee coin with the ‘₹’ symbol of 2017.
  • ‘सत्‍यमेव जयते’, the words printed on all of India’s currency notes, will be featured as well.
  • The notes will have the hidden numeral ‘1’ in the centre and the hidden word ‘Bharat’ (in Hindi) vertically arranged on the right.
  • An inset letter in capitals, ‘L’ will also be printed on the note.
  • They will also feature a replica of new one rupee coin with ₹ symbol of 2017.

Candidates preparing for government exams should know these details. Learn it and prepare well for the exams.

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