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New chief justice of 5 high courts (Latest GK )

Bankers adda latest gk New chief justice of 5 high courts.Chief justice of high courts plays a very important role and same in states as the chief justice of supreme court for India. Chief justices hold very important positions and they act to protect the laws and constitution. Currently 5 chief justices of the states have been changed and this news is very important from the point of view of upcoming examination. Candidates who are going to prepare for the examination need to understand it and they have to learn these details. In the states the highest institution of justice is the supreme court. These courts are government by the laws and constitutions which have been laid down by the writers of our constitution. Here is the list of all chief justices which candidates need to know. In this regard some important information have been given here which candidates need to know.

5 states have got new chief justices of high courts

Each states have one high court but in some cases a single high court is being shared by two states. The president of India approves  the appointment of high courts judges. These judges are sworn in by the concerned governor of the state. Currently 5 new chief justices have been appointed in Sikkim, Manipur, Calcutta, Kerala and Tripura and the details of all are given below

  • Justice Shanatanagoudar Mohan Mallikarjunagouda – Chief Justice of the Kerala high court
  • Justice Girish Chandra Gupta – Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court
  • Justice Satish Kumar Agnihotri – Chief Justice of the High Court of Sikkim
  • Justice Tinlianthangh – Chief Justice of the High Court of Tripura
  • Justice Rakesh Ranjan – Chief Justice of the High Court of Manipur

The information given above must be remembered by the candidates which are asked in various competitive examinations. Candidates need to learn these details. Chief justice plays several roles and similar roles as the chief justice of India at center.

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