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Miss world 2015 Winner is Mireia Lalaguna Royo

Meet Miss world 2015 Mireia Lalaguna Royo.Miss world competition is very popular beauty pageant competition which is conducted each year across the world to invite applicants (female unmarried models/ girls) to participate in the completion and the result will be declared after accessing the various parameters of their beauty and intelligence. There are various phases of selection and candidates go through a series of events where their beauty and intellectual ability is determined.

This year the completion was held in south China and the result has been declared. Candidates who have been preparing for the banking examination need to know the result and the names of winners which are asked in the bank exam GA section. As General awareness is very important topic and candidates should not miss it or any other events which is popular and is occulting in any part of the world. This year Barcelona competitor Miss Mireia Lalaguna Royo has won the title of Miss world 2015-16. Miss world is one of the oldest beat y pageant competitions which is being conducted in the world. It was first started in Britain some 64 years ago and since it has been popular and now is conducted each year.

Miss World 2015-16 details for bank exams

Here is the details of all the winners who have participated in Miss World competition. All the candidates who have been searching for GA material should re4ad this news as this is very important and often asked in the banking examination. Candidates can remember this. The name of winners and their country are often asked and they have to learn these two details about each winner.

Sofia Nikitchuk of Russia was the runner-up and Indonesia’s Maria Harfanti took third place. This is to be noted that a total of 114 female candidates across the world have participated in the competition and now the result has been declared. The summary of the result has been given below and candidates should learn it. Mireia Lalaguna Royo’s victory marked the first ever win for a Spanish contestant. This time the competition was held in the southern Chinese island resort of Sanya. She was handed her crown by the reigning Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss of South Africa.

Winners list 2015-16

  • 2015 : Mireia Lalaguna (Spain)
  • 2014 : Rolene Strauss (South Africa)
  • 2013 : Megan Young
  • 2012 : Yu Wenxia (China)
  • 2011 : Ivian Sarcos (Venezuela)

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