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Major and Important Dams in India

Bankers adda general awareness 2016 Major and Important Dams in India .Important Dams in India.Dams are constructed to harvest rain water and these are very useful to prevent flood etc and also the stored water is used or a number of purpose. The government had earlier focused on the construction of Dams in various areas of water in accordance to the rain water they get over the year and now the dams are playing an important role in the development of the country. In various examination details related to popular dams are often asked in the examination. multipurpose dams in india.There are various small dams also which has been constricted over the length and breadth of the country but here are some of the very important Dams and popular ones which are asked in the exam, candidates will need to learn the location of thee dam and the ate name in which they are constructed. Belo are the detail which they need to know.

Important dams in India detail

Dam River name State name
SardarSarover Dam Narmada Gujarat
Srisailam Dam Krishna Telangna/Andhra Pradesh
RanjitSagar Dam Ravi Punjab
Koteshwar Dam Bhagirathi Uttarakhand
Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal Madhya Pradesh
Omkareshwar Dam Narmada Madhya Pradesh
Mullaperiyar Dam Periyar Kerala (idukki district)
Baglihar Dam Chenab Jammu & Kashmir
NagarjunaSagar Dam Krishna Telangna/Andhra Pradesh
Salal Dam Chenab Jammu & Kashmir
Koyna Dam Koyna Maharashtra
Rihand Dam Rihand Uttar Pradesh
Ukai Dam Tapi Gujarat
Indira Sagar Dam Narmada Madhya Pradesh
Uri Dam Jhelum Jammu & Kashmir (Baramula district)
Tehri Dam Bhagirathi Uttarakhand
Bhakra Dam Sutlej Himachal Pradesh
Idukki arch Dam Periyar Kerala
Lakhwar Dam Yamuna Uttarakhand
Mettur Dam Kaveri Tamil Nadu
Hirakud Dam Mahanadi Odisha
JawaharSagar Dam Chambal Rajasthan
RanaPratapSagar Dam Chambal Rajasthan

Candidate should learn the details which ha been outlined above and this will help them core good mark in the upcoming examination.

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