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List of Top 10 Forbes billionaires for bank exams

Forbes publishes the list of billionaires each year in the world. Currently the list has been published. List of Top 10 Forbes billionaires for bank exams.The list gives the detail about the billionaires of the world and in return it gives several other details like how many multi billionaires are present in a particular country. This is sometimes interesting. For example, in case of India, there are maximum number of billionaires but the country is regarded under developing among the European nations. This is surprising to note and it gives several indications and clues about a country. For example, in case of India the number of billionaires irrespective of India being an under developed nation signifies that the difference of income between the individuals is very intense and so candidates must work towards it.

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One of the possible ways to control this can be to increase the participation of government in manufacturing and for this to convert more private sector industries into PSUs and thus to work for the people. But in India the government is working other way. It is converting PSUS to private sectors by selling their shares. In future the income inequality may increase.

List of billionaires by Forbes 2017

  1. Bill Gates (Microsoft co­founder): $86bn
  2. Warren Buffett (US investor): $75.6bn
  3. Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder): $72.8bn
  4. Amancio Ortega (Inditex founder): $71.3bn
  5. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder): $56bn
  6. Carlos Slim (Mexican magnate): $54.5bn
  7. Larry Ellison (Oracle co­founder): $52.2bn
  8. Charles Koch (US businessman): $48.3bn
  9. David Koch (US businessman): $48.3bn
  10. Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg founder): $47.5bns

The maximum number of billionaires are from the USA and from the technological background. It signifies how technology has changed the life of the people around the world and how much the demand for technology is there.

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