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list of sports governing bodies

List of sports governing bodies.There are various sports which are popular and being played for centuries. These sports have gains acceptance and approval from all over the world. Like any other field, there are various discrepancies/ mis conducts which are observed in these sports. To do away with the mis conducts and to keep the spirit of sports, there are sports governing bodies. They keep a view on all international level of sports and before a participant is allowed to take part in that sports, medical checkups etc are conducted. Also it forms the rules/ laws/ ethics and good practices for these sports which are observed by the players. Questions from the sport’s governing bodies and their head quarters are often asked in the GA section of the exam. All those candidates who are preparing for bank/ government job exam must have idea of where the sports governing bodies are located and who is their current president/ head.

List of all sports government bodies- their head and head quarter

Games Governing Body Head Office President
Table Tennis ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)) Lausanne(Switzerland) Thomas Weikert(Germany)
Archery WA (World Archery Federation) Formerly(FITA) Lausanne(Switzerland) UgurErdener(Turkey)
Chess FIDE (Federation International Des Echecs or Worlds chess Federation) Athens (Greece) KirsanHyumzhinov (Russia)
Cricket ICC (International Cricket Council) Dubai(UAE) Zaheer Abbas(Pakistan)
Swimming FINA (Federation International de Natation) Lausanne(Switzerland) Dr. Julio C. Maglione(Uruguay)
Boxing AIBA (International Boxing Association amateur) Lausanne(Switzerland) Wu Ching- Kuo (China)
Weight Lifting IWF (International Weight Lifting Federation) Budapest (Hungary) Dr. TamasAjan(Hungary)
Athletics IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) Monaco Sebastian Coe(London)
Golf IGF (International Golf Federation) Lausanne(Switzerland) Peter Dawson(Australia)
Snooker/Billiards WCBS (World Confederation of Billiards Sports) Sint-Martens-Laten(Belgium) Jean- Claude Dupont(Canada)
Wrestling Before(FILA- Federation International Des LuttesAssociees) Now(UWW- United World Wrestling) Coursier-Sur-vevey outside Lausanne(Switzerland) NenadLalovic(Serbia)
Hockey FIH (International Hockey Federation) Lausanne(Switzerland) Leandro Negre
Football FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) Zurich (Switzerland) GianiInfantino
Shooter ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) Munich (Germany) OlegarioVazouezRana (Maxico)
Tennis ITF (International Tennis Federation) London (UK) David Haggerty(America)
Badminton BWF (Badminton World Federation) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Poul Erik Hoyer Larsen (Denmark)
Squash WSF (World Squash Federation) Hasting, Eat Sussex (England) Narayana Rama Chandran(India)
Formula One (F1) FIA (Federation International de L’ Automobile) International Automobile Federation Paris (France) Jean Todt (France)
Basketball FIBA (Federation Internationale De Basketball) Mies (Switzerland) HoracioMuratore (Argentina)

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