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List Of RBI governors Of India For The Banking Exams

Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India. it is an independence agency which works with the government of India. it has several functions and mainly it performs the function of price stabilization and the development of the country. List of RBI governors in India pdf for the banking exams.It decides the policy rates which can control the inflation in the country and controls the liquidity in the market. It is also bound to give its suggestion in framing the economic policy of the country and it performs several other tasks besides it. Governor is the head of the Reserve Bank of India and there are 4 deputy governors which work under the governor. Here check list of rbi governors of india since independence(Till now).They collectively decide the policy rates, the framework for the current economic policy and assist the government in raising funds through selling of the government securities and they also work to check the growth and development of the public sector banks and to see if they are working in the interest of the public or not. It also regulates the private sector and public sector banking systems in India.

List of RBI governors for government examinations:

Governor is the chairman of the RBI and takes all the important decisions for the functions which are mentioned above. He also gives his suggestion in framing the fiscal policy of the government. If government and RBI can work together they can work more efficiently for the development of the nation. Reserve Bank of India came into existence in 1931 and its first governor was O smith. After that a lot of governors have been made from time to time. Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh have also worked as the governor of the reserve bank. He was the 15th governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Currently the governor of the RBI is Raghuram G. Ranjan.

A lot of questions related to RBI are asked in the examination and in the personal interview of the banking examinations. We recommend candidates should read all the mentioned details carefully to know about the Reserve bank of India. They should note that every country has a central bank. India’s central bank is Reserve Bank of India. The central bank of US is called the Federal Reserve which influences the economy of the other central banks. RBI is a member of Bank for International settlement which makes the Basel norms.

List of rbi governors of india since independence:


Name of The Governor

 Joining and Leaving Dates

1 Sir Osborne A. Smith April 1st 1935 – June 30th , 1937
2 Sir James Braid Taylor July 1st 1937 – February 17th , 1943
3 Sir Chintaman D. Deshmukh August 11th 1943 – June 30th ,1949
4 Sir Benegal Rama Rau July 1st 1949 – January 14th 1957
5 K.G. Ambegaonkar January 14th 1957 – February 28th 1957
6 H.V.R. Ienger March 1st 1957 – February 28th 1962
7 P.C. Bhattacharyya March 1st 1962 – June 30th 1967
8 L.K. Jha July 1st 1967 – May 3rd 1970
9 B.N. Adarkar May 4th 1970 – June 15th 1970
10 S. Jagannathan June 16th 1970 – May 19th 1975
11 N.C. Sen Gupta May 19th 1975 – August 19th 1975
12 K.R. Puri August 20th 1975 – May 2nd 1977
13 M. Narasimham May 2nd 1977 – November 30th 1977
14 Dr. I.G. Patel December 1st 1977 – September 15th 1982
15 Dr. Manmohan Singh September 16th 1982 – January 14th 1985
16 A. Ghosh January 15th 1985 – February 4th 1985
17 R.N. Malhotra February 4th 1985 – December 22nd 1990
18 S. Venkitaramanan December 22nd 1990 – December 21st 1992
19 Dr. C. Rangarajan December 22nd 1992 – November 22nd 1997
20 Dr. Bimal Jalan November 22nd 1997 – September 5th 2003
21 Dr. Y.V.Reddy September 6th 2003 – September 5th 2008
22 Dr. D. Subbarao September 5th 2008 –September 4th 2013
23 Dr. Raghuram Rajan September 4th 2013

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