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List of Museums in India for All Examinations

In most of the government examinations there are questions which are asked from the national museums and no doubt they are very important with respect to the national history of the country. List of  all National and Local Museums in India pdf for IBPS Bank and SSC examinations.They provide the practical knowledge about the historical aspect of the country and they contain the enriched details which cannot be found in the books. In India there are several national and state level museums which are reputed in India and worldwide. This is due to the presence of these national museums why a lot of tourist makes their ways to India. They would like to know the exact history, geography of the Ancient India and they use it for the different knowledge base works. Indian students also having their research work in the ancient history found these museums and source of knowledge and inspiration for them in their projects. The names of these museums must have been learnt by all the government job seekers and you never know in which examinations they can be asked.

List of Indian Museums and their locations for competitive exams:

A lot of museums exist in India which contains a ocean of knowledge and things related to the past. For example if you happen to visit Delhi, you may like to visit the National Museum of Delhi which contains all the antique pieces and things of the ancient past. In fact some of the things and tolls including weapons are there which are from the Tipu Sultan era and some skeleton are there which belong to the Harappan age the oldest civilization of the Men in the world. Here the candidates can get important list of national museums in india,list of biological museums in india,list of science,arts and private museums in india.These actually have a wide importance beyond the examination point of view and the importance of these museums which have kept the integrity f the country at once place and is visited by one and all must be encouraged.

Here we are providing the list of all those museums in India which are of the national importance and their location and the names are often asked in the examinations.

List of Indian Museums and their location Wise:

o   National Childrens Museum                                                   ::          New Delhi

o   National Museum                                                                    ::          Kolkata

o   Tippu Sulthan Museum                                                           ::          Sreerangapatnam

o   Prince of Wales Museum                                                        ::          Mumbai

o   National Gandhi Museum                                                       ::          New Delhi

o   Birla Industrial & Technological Museum                               ::          Kolkata

o   Calico Textile Museum                                                           ::          Ahmedabad

o   Archeological Museum                                                           ::          New Delhi

o   Victoria Jubilee Museum                                                        ::          Vijayawada, AP

o   Visakha Museum                                                                    ::          Visakhapatnam, AP

o   Government Museum and Art Gallery                                   ::          Chandigarh

o   Visvesarayya Industrial And Technological Museum            ::          Bangalore

o   Indian Air Force Museum                                                       ::          New Delhi

o   Birla Planetorium                                                                    ::          Kolkata

o   Nethaji Museum                                                                      ::          Kolkata

o   National Gallery of Modern Art                                               ::          New Delhi

o   Salarjung Museum                                                                  ::          Hyderabad

o   Nehru Museum                                                                       ::          New Delhi

o   Victoria Memorial Hall                                                             ::          Kolkata

o   Rail Transport Museum                                                           ::          New Delhi

o   Sree Chithra Art Gallery                                                         ::          Thiruvananthapuram

o   National Museum of Natural History                                      ::          New Delhi

o   Indian Museum                                                                       ::          Kolkata

o   Indian War Memorial Museum                                               ::          New Delhi

o   Dogra Art Museum                                                                 ::          Jammu

o   Wayanad Heritage Museum                                                   ::          Ambalavayal, Kerala

o   Kerala Soil Museum                                                                ::          Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

o   Archaeological Museum                                                         ::          Kerala

o   Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Museum                                   ::          Kollam, Kerala

o   Tripura State Museum                                                             ::          Agartala, Tripura

o   Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal and Green Garden                     ::          Noida

o   Sarnath Museum                                                                     ::          Uttar Pradesh

o   Forest Research Institute                                                        ::          Dehradun

o   Darshan Museum                                                                    ::          Pune, Maharashtra

o   Indian Institute for Research in Numismatic Studies             ::          Nashik, Maharashtra

o   Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum                                        ::          Kolhapur, Maharashtra

o   Regional Museum of Natural History                                     ::          Bhubaneswar, Odisha

o   National Institute of Sports                                                    ::          Patiala, Punjab

o   Central Sikh Museum                                                             ::          Amritsar

o   Gandhi Memorial Museum                                                     ::          Madurai, Tamil Nadu

o   Gass Forest Museum                                                             ::          Coimbatore

o   Government Museum                                                             ::          Tamil Nadu

o   Shankar’s International Dolls Museum                                   ::          New Delhi

o   Goa State Museum                                                                 ::          Panaji

o   Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya                                               ::          Ahmedabad

o   Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial                         ::          Ahmedabad

o   Swaminarayan Museum                                                        ::          Ahmedabad

o   AP State Archaeology Museum                                             ::          Hyderabad

o   Nizam Museum                                                                      ::          Hyderabad

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