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List of mountains in india with states

Read here List of mountains in india with states pdf- geography for exam. Static gk for banking ibps po and clerk exams 2016-17.Mountains are the rock and sand deposits through the rivers which over the large time period converted into mountains. These mountains have a large role to play into the lives of common men and also in the country. They protect the country from Cold winds and enemy both. They have a  major role to play in the natural ecosystem of the country. For example in India there are many ranges and many peaks in the country. The largest range on India is Karakorum range in Himalayas and it protects us from cold winds coming from Siberia. It also helps to protect the country at the time of war. List of mountains in india pdf.It also adds scenic beauty to the country and attracts the visitors from all over the world. For these reasons, Mountains are very important. The highest mountain in the world The Mount Everest lie in Nepal and the highest peak in India is K2.

List of mountains for competitive exams

Below are the important and major mountains in India.

Sl no. Rank in the world Name of the peak Height in metere Name of the range Location
1 3 Kangchenjunga 8,586 Kangchenjunga, Himalaya Sikkim
2 23 Nanda Devi 7,816 Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
3 29 Kamet 7,756 Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand
4 31 Saltoro Kangri/K10 7,742 Saltoro Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
5 35 Saser Kangri I/K22 7,672 Saser Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
6 48 Mamostong Kangri 7,516 Rimo Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
7 49 Saser Kangi II E 7,513 Saser Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
8 51 Saser Kangri III 7,495 Saser  Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
9 56 Teram Kangri I 7,462 Siachen Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
10 57 Jongsong Peak 7,462 KangchenjungaHimalaya Sikkim
11 61 K12 7,428 Saltoro Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
12 65 Kabru N 7,412 KangchenjungaHimalaya Sikkim
13 69 Ghent Kangri 7,401 Saltoro  Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
14 71 Rimo I 7,385 Rimo Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir
15 73 Teram Kangri III 7,382 Siachen Karakoram Jammu and Kashmir

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