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List of cities hosted Olympics games

List of cities hosted Olympics games.Olympics Games are one of the most popular games which are played in the world today and almost all the countries participate. A committee looks at the affairs, date, venue of Olympics to decide the game and the location. The Olympics games have been played from a century now it started first in 1896 in Athens Greece. That time the game played was athletics and running. Soon it became very popular and it began to be conducted at various countries. Later a committee was formed which brought all the countries under a common roof in the terms of this sport.

Cities where Olympics games were played/ are to be played

City Country Continent Summer (Olympiad) Year
Athens  Greece Europe I 1896
Paris  France Europe II 1900
St. Louis  United States Americas III 1904
Athens  Greece Europe Summer 1906
London[c]  United Kingdom Europe IV 1908
Stockholm  Sweden Europe V 1912
Berlin  Germany Europe VI 1916
Antwerp  Belgium Europe VII 1920
Chamonix  France Europe 1924
Paris  France Europe VIII
St. Moritz   Switzerland Europe 1928
Amsterdam  Netherlands Europe IX
Lake Placid  United States Americas 1932
Los Angeles  United States Americas X
Garmisch-Partenkirchen  Nazi Germany Europe 1936
Berlin  Nazi Germany Europe XI
Garmisch-Partenkirchen  Nazi Germany Europe 1940
Helsinki  Finland Europe XII
Cortina d’Ampezzo  Italy Europe 1944
London  United Kingdom Europe XIII
St. Moritz   Switzerland Europe 1948
London  United Kingdom Europe XIV
Oslo  Norway Europe 1952
Helsinki  Finland Europe XV
Cortina d’Ampezzo  Italy Europe 1956
Squaw Valley  United States Americas 1960
Rome  Italy Europe XVII
Innsbruck  Austria Europe 1964
Tokyo  Japan Asia XVIII
Grenoble  France Europe 1968
Mexico City  Mexico Americas XIX
Sapporo  Japan Asia 1972
Munich  West Germany Europe XX
Innsbruck  Austria Europe 1976
Montreal  Canada Americas XXI
Lake Placid  United States Americas 1980
Moscow  Soviet Union Europe[e] XXII
Sarajevo  Yugoslavia Europe 1984
Los Angeles  United States Americas XXIII
Calgary  Canada Americas 1988
Seoul  South Korea Asia XXIV
Albertville  France Europe 1992
Barcelona  Spain Europe XXV
Lillehammer  Norway Europe 1994
Atlanta  United States Americas XXVI 1996
Nagano  Japan Asia 1998
Sydney  Australia Oceania XXVII 2000
Salt Lake City  United States Americas 2002
Athens  Greece Europe XXVIII 2004
Turin  Italy Europe 2006
Beijing[f]  China Asia XXIX 2008
Vancouver  Canada Americas 2010
London  United Kingdom Europe XXX 2012
Sochi  Russia Europe[e] 2014
Rio de Janeiro  Brazil Americas XXXI 2016
Pyeongchang  South Korea Asia 2018
Tokyo  Japan Asia XXXII 2020
Beijing  China Asia 2022

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