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List of 16 agreements between Russia and India

Read List of 16 agreements between Russia and India.India is a developing country and there are various ongoing projects for which it needs assistance. In order to draw FDI to the country government is selling the shares of PSU which is one step towards making them private. Also it is asking other countries for the investment in Indian projects. For this PM Modi has been in Russia and a few contracts have been signed between the two countries. It is very important for those who are going to appear in the written exam as it is expected that questions form this news may be asked in the examination. This is very useful step and many deals have been agreed between the two countries on solar energy, hydrocarbons, nuclear energy Railways and Visas etc. here is the detailed summary of all the agreements that have been signed in Russia.

16 agreements list signed between India and Russia details

  1. Simplification of requirements for mutual travels of certain categories of citizens.
  2. Mutual travel regime for holders of Diplomatic & Official Passports.
  3. Cooperation in the field of Helicopter Engineering.
  4. Plan for Cooperation for combating Customs violations in 2015-2017.
  5. “Rosatom” for Localization of Manufacturing in India for Russian-Designed Nuclear Reactor Units.
  6. MOU on technical cooperation in Railway Sector.
  7. MOU regarding construction of solar energy plants in India.
  8. MOU for development of Centre of Excellence for heavy engineering design at HEC.
  9. MOU for upgradation and modernization of HEC’s manufacturing facilities.
  10. MOU on Cooperation in the field of Broadcasting.
  11. Tripartite MOU between CDAC, IISc Bangalore and Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
  12. Tripartite MOU between CDAC, OJSC “GLONASS” and GLONASS Union.
  13. MOU in the field of investment cooperation in the Russian Far
  14. MOU for cooperation for geologic survey, exploration and production of hydrocarbons onshore and on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.
  15. Confirmation of successful completion of the 1st stage pre-completion actions in relation to the creation of a JV in JSC VankorNeft.
  16. MOU for Cooperation for geologic survey, exploration and production of hydrocarbons onshore the Russian Federation.

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