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Indian National Movements list With Dates List

Important Indian National movements for competitive exams.Indian movements are related to the freedom struggle of our freedom fighters in the country during the British Reign and how they have fought and sacrificed their lives to achieve the freedom. This movement is related to those fighting to achieve the freedom in India. All these are during the British rule. India was a colony of British. Britain is a small island country in European continent which had captured a lot of other counties and used them as a mean of export of its finished product. For this purpose it colonized a lot of counties in the world and used those as a market for its finished products since the industrialization at first begin in England. Later the England became UK (United Kingdom) by uniting with the small counties sharing boundary with it. British came to India during the reign of Shah Jahan to have trade with India. Later they carried the arms and ammunition with their traded products and started capturing some of the Indian states.

Important National Movements for freedom struggle:

The British became powerful with their Gun power as it was no one who had the technology for the gun powder at that time. It made them powerful and they have captured the India states, later they extended their rule and they have captured all the states and made India a British colony. India freedom struggle started with the Mahatma Gandhi when we came back from South Africa in January and a lot of freedom struggle movement was led by him. He helped India to be free country and several people contributed to the freedom struggle. Questions related to the freedom struggle and movements which are led by Indian are often asked in the examination as it is very important topic and candidates are expected to have knowledge about history and those who have fought for the freedom. Here we are covering all the freedom movements which occurred in the country and everyone can lean it for the competitive examinations.

List of Indian National movements for freedom

o   Government of India Act- 1858

o   Indian National Congress -1885

o   Partition of Bengal – 1905

o   Muslim League – 1906

o   Swadeshi Movement – 1905

o   Morley-Minto Reforms – 1909

o   Lucknow Pact- 1916

o   Home Rule Movement – 1916-1920

o   The Gandhian Era -1917-1947

o   Khilafat Movement – 1919

o   The Rowlatt Act – 1919

o   Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre – 1919

o   Non-Cooperation Movement- 1920

o   Chauri Chaura Incident – 1922

o   Swaraj Party – 1923

o   Simon Commission – 1927

o   Dandi March – 1930

o   Gandhi-Irwin Pact  -1931

o   The Government of India Act, 1935

o   Quit India Movement – 1942

o   Cabinet Mission Plan – 1946

o   Interim Government – 1946

o   Formation of Constituent Assembly – 1946

o   Mountbatten Plan-  1947

o   The Indian Independence Act-  1947

o   Partition of India – 1947

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