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India successfully places IRNSS 1G into orbit

India successfully places IRNSS 1G into orbit.India has joined the group of the 5 countries which have their own navigational and GPS system for the country after it has launched IRNSS 1G into the space today. It has done it with the help of Indian sciences and has launched it from Sriharikota. India has made great advancement in the area of space exploration and currently it has done another miracle by sending its own set of satellite to the Orbit. The satellite has been sent with the help of rocket which is SLV C33. The rocket has successfully put the satellite into correct position f the Orbit and now after this it will soon be fully functional and the GPS system of India will soon be integrated with the Mobile systems. Candidates who have been studying for the banking and other examination should know the details about the IRNSS1G which has been given below.

Details about IRNSS 1G satellite

Earlier the country has sent 6 satellites which are IRNSS 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F and now it has send the last one which is 1G. after this it has completed its own set of satellites and now this will help India in the disaster management, navigation and GPS system, tracking exact locations, find out the location of volcano, cyclones etc which will help the country eventually. ISRO has done it with less than 1000 crore of cost. The satellites will have a life span of 12 years and after this it will need to be re sent again. Currently one 5 countries including India have their own navigational system. U.S. Air Force; Russia has GLONASS and China is expanding its regional BeiDou into a global system, also operated by its military. Europe’s GALILEO is a civil global system. They each have between 28 and 35 satellites.

Some details about IRNSS 1G

  • Weight of IRNSS-1G – 1,425-kilogram (3,142 lb)
  • Lifespan – 12 years
  • IRNSS-1G is the seventh & the last one
  • Sent with the help of Rocket PSLV C33 this time

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