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Some important browser short cuts For Bank Exams

First of all the candidates must know what the browser is. A browser is a computer program which sends the user input to the server and then receives the output from the server and preset it in useful manner on the browser that the user can understand. It works on application layer. Users can find any information on web with the help of the browser. A browser while sending the request to the server acts as the client. A lot of processes take place in between and browser than assembles all the output and present to the user which the user can read and understand. There are some useful short cuts for the browser and candidates must learn it as it is often asked in much competitive examination including the IBPS PO and clerk examinations. Browsers can be of different types based on their manufacturers. There are mainly 5 types of browser. There are Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla firefox and Opera. There may be other browsers too.

Browser shortcuts mac

Ctrl + 9 Switch to Last Tab
Ctrl + Tab Switch to Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to Previous Tab
Ctrl + W Close the Current Tab
Ctrl + F Find on Page
Ctrl + T Open New Tab
Ctrl + N Open New Browser Window
Alt + F4 Close the Current Window
Ctrl + H Open History
Ctrl + B Open Bookmarks
Ctrl + P Print Page
Alt + Home Go to Home Page
Home Go to Top of the Page
End Go to Bottom of the Page
Ctrl + J Open Download History
Ctrl + D Bookmark the Current Website
Ctrl + S Save the Current Page on your Computer
Ctrl + U Open Source Code for Current Page
Ctrl + O Open a file from your computer
F5 Reload
Backspace , Alt + Left Arrow Back
Shift + Backspace, Alt + Left Arrow Forward

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