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How to solve statement and assumption in reasoning

How to solve statement and assumption in reasoning pdf Bankers Adda. How to attempt statement assumption based questions and answers quiz daily practice. Statements assumption type questions are very basic questions which are asked in IBPS PO and SBI PO and candidates can read the details easily and after this they can score good marks in this section.

Candidates have been searching for the IBPS PO and SBI examination which will be conducted very soon and candidates will need to qualify the examination with good marks. If they perform well in the reasoning section which is generally for more marks as compared to the other sections, then candidates can improve their overall performance in the examination. Below are some of the details which candidates will need to pass the examination else they will not be called for the next phase. Below are some tips and tricks to solve the statement and assumption type of questions and candidates can obtain good marks in the examination? Here are some of the details which candidates will need to know about the type of questions and candidates can score good marks. Common type of questions includes the assumption and reasoning based questions and candidates can solve it well if the understand it.

How to solve assumption and reasoning based questions in IBPS PO /All Banking Exams

The upcoming exam of SBI PO will contain the assumption and reasoning based questions and all those candidates who have been looking for the exam must know the details about these type of questions. Generally one statement is given and some assumption based on that statement is given. Candidates have to decide where the assumptions/ conclusion fellows from the given statement or not. It is easy if they understand it well and they can easily decide which option follows. Below is one example to help them understand this type of question.

Statement: In the recently held all India Commerce conference, the session on ‘Management of Service Sector in India’ surprisingly attracted large number of participants and also received a very good media coverage.


  1. Media is always very positive towards Service sector.
  2. Service sector is managed properly in India.

III. People weren’t expecting such an encouraging response for the service sector conference.

Now the questions will be based on the given statement and assumption both.

Candidates can easily solve it. They have to understand what is asked in the questions. If it is asked that what may be a solution to the problem based on it, then they should read the above assumptions to know what statement or group of statement are solution to the problem which have been given. Similar case may be with the what will be the implicit assumption in the statement given above and so on. Candidates have to read the statement and assumption/ conclusion very carefully and try to understand the details. here are some of the details which candidates need to know and understand.

While solving these type of questions, candidates should take care of the following errors which they generally commit.

(i) Leaving aside your logic about how things work helps.

(ii) While you can make common sense assumptions (the sun is visible only during the day, water makes things wet, etc.), do not bring in your own assumptions about things that are not necessarily common knowledge or may not always be true.

(iii) ‘Assumption’ in the questions is something that author believes to be true.

Candidates who are going to appear in the banking examination will need to understand that these questions are often asked in the examination and candidates will need to prepare well for the examination. They should try the above tips and tricks to solve the questions based on assumption and reasoning and they can score good marks. Candidates should not think that this is lengthy type of questions and they should avoid it because once they understand it it will become easier and they can easily solve it. Pick up questions from various books and start preparation gradually without taking the time as consideration. Take your time and understand the questions, check your answers and the errors which you have committed and try to improve yourself. Candidates can score good marks through it

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