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How to solve input output questions in reasoning quickly

How to solve input output questions in reasoning quickly.Input and output type of questions are often asked in all the competitive examinations including bank PO and all others. Candidates in large numbers have been preparing and searching for the examinations which will be conduced very soon. There are 5 sections in most of the competitive examination including that of banking and in reasoning section there are various type of questions. one of the important question is input putout type of questions.

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The basic idea in all the questions remains the same. For example all the questions are meant to arrange the number and word based sentences this is also called machine arrangement in some of the examinations and in bank PO this is called as input and output based questions. The idea about this question is that a machine is fed with a group of words and numbers and how it arrangement the numbers and words and the final result comes out. Based on the pattern given candidates will need to tell the steps involves in the new sentence formation f the input is given to the machine. Here are some for the examples to help candidates understand it better.How to solve Input and Output based questions Tips and Tricks.

Input output based questions in IBPS PO and tips and tricks

Input and output type f questions are being asked in most of the examinations including that of bank PO or SBI PO as more complete can be inserted in this type of questions. But in the clerk and assistant examination, input output based questions are not being asked currently. Candidates should understands the concept and the pattern in which the machine is following the rules and based on that rule they have to arrangement the given group of numbers and words in the given sentence. This is easier and this can be very difficult and tie consulting but the most important thing is once you understand the given example of machine language then they can easily solve the given set of questions in the examination which are given below.

Some for the type of questions which are asked in input output based series are given as under

  1. Shifting based of questions

In this type of questions, candidates have to shift the given number generally in the ascending and descending numbers and the alphabets I the order of their occurrence in the English alphabet order. This is easier than other type of questions and candidates can solve this easily. For example, it is given below

Input: Ram person is a great

Step I: a Ram person is  great
Step II: a great Ram person is
Step III: a great is Ram person
Step IV:  a great is person Ram
Step IV is the last step.

Arrangement based:

The second and difficult type of questions uses the arrangement type of pattern where the candidates will need to understand the pattern of words and numbers which are changing this change can take place in number of ways which have been discussed below.

  1. Alphabetical in case of words (beginning). Ex: plot,  round
  2. Alphabetical in case of words (end). Ex: round, plot
  3. Increasing or decreasing in case of numbers.
  4. According to number of consonants or vowels in each word.
  5. According to the words beginning with consonants or vowels.
  6. According to even numbers or odd numbers.
  7. According to the words ending with consonants or vowels. Example, alpine or ego etc

Candidates can understand the pattern of the sentence which is being cancelled in each of the step and after this they can start solving the questions. They have to clearly understand the pattern and only after this they can solve the questions. Understand what set of numbers will come on what step and what set of words will come at what step and after understanding it they can solve the questions. After a through practice it becomes easier to understand this type of questions and candidates can solve it. They should practice a lot of questions based on input output to improve their speed in this type of questions.

Good luck to all the aspirants

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