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How to solve fill in the blanks Questions in english

English fill in the blanks rules ,english fill in the blanks questions and answers pdf sentences .how to solve fill in the blanks Questions in English  in banking examination ,Daily practice at our site bankers adda English quiz night classes.Fill in the blanks are one f the very important questions in English language and all those candidates who have been looking for the banking /govt upcoming examination will need to know that fill in the blanks are very important questions and candidates should solve it. They can practice it well and before they appear for the examination, they have to understand some basic concept of English language and candidates should perform in the exam in well manner.

Fill in the blanks in English sentences

Below are some of the tips in English fill up which candidates can know. fill ups can be of one fill in the blanks or two fill in the blanks in single sentence. Earlier there was one but now the pattern has been changed and in every examinations, there are 2 fill in the blanks in the examinations. Candidates can guess which set of work fit in the given fill up and they can mark it as their answer. Below are some steps which have been suggested for candidates who perform bad in the fill ups and they can improve their performance through this. They have to perform well in overall examination.

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How to solve fill up in bank PO and clerk

In both bank PO and bank clerk, the fill ups questions are asked in the examinations. Fill ups are not connected to one another and each fill up is a different one. Candidates should understand the context of the sentence and they can guess the most appropriate set of words which fit into the fill ups. Below are some of the hints which candidates can apply and they can perform better in this section. There will be 5 questions from this section. Also the will be a cloze test which is also a fill in the blanks based question. Only difference lies in the cloze test is that all the fill ups are a part of the given story/ passage and candidates can more easily guess it blanks of they understand the context in which the sentences are said. Below are some hints for the candidate’s especially for all those who are going to appear in the exam for the first time and those who find it difficult for them to solve the fill in the blanks type of questions.

STEP 1: Read the statement carefully and first, try to fill the missing word without looking at the options

STEP 2: Choose the word from the options that best replaces the word that you had thought of initially

STEP 3: Read the sentence again by replacing the blank with the option that you have chosen.

After solving the questions, candidates should ensure once more that what they have marked it are correct. In this way, they can find some other mistakes in their earlier selection. Candidates should know some of the proper rule of grammar and sentence formation which will help them during the English section examinations. Without this they would not be able to score good marks in this section.  These points need to be remembered by the candidates,

  1. Read the sentence carefully

One of the most important aspects of the English test is to understand the comprehension ability of the candidates and how better you understand the sentences. For this candidates should read the sentence carefully and understand the main idea in the sentence

  1. Check the set of options and if once you cannot guess what s the most appropriate words, you can apply each of the set of words and after this you can understand what [aid is best suited for the given sentence.
  2. Try to understand the logical structure of the sentence and the manner in which the sentence is said. The manner can depict different meaning of the same sentence and so it is very important
  3. It is necessary that you understand the context of the sentence. While closely reading the sentence and the options given in the question, you must try to determine the tone of the missing word — whether the required word is positive or negative in the meaning it implies

Good luck to all the candidates who are going to appear in the exam.

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