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How to score high marks in Banking English section

Read Here bankers adda How to score high in English section of IBPS and bank exams.English section is one of the most important section in all the examinations and a lot of candidates fail in this section. There are many who cannot score more marks in this section. How to score high marks in Banking English section.Candidates in large numbers have applied in the IBPS examination and all those who want to score good marks in the examination will need to score good marks in English language. Here are some of the points which the candidates can know to improve their performance in English section. To have a good English preparation, candidates need to have good vocabulary and grammar knowledge and a lot of candidates who are going to appear in the examination will need to learn the methods to improve their performance. Candidates who will pass the examination will be next called for the interview process and they will be recruited afterwards.

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Read news papers daily

Candidates should read one standard news paper daily to improve their English. It will take time and they have to focus and concentrate on the news, words and sentence s which are sued in the news paper. They will improve their English. Candidates will need to learn the news words that come there way and this can help them understand.

Know the grammar

There are various questions in the English language like that of error correction or error spotting which needs you to understand the grammar portion well. Candidates who want to score good marks in those section should have a thorough knowledge of grammar so at first learn the basics grammar skills and you can practice those.

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Improve your vocabulary

As the words in the passage are difficult you can’t understand them and so you cannot understand the whole passage. It is important for you to understand the words and for this lean some new words daily and try to practice in the day today use of the sentences. Candidates can use various preparation books to improve their English section.

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Practice sample papers

Banking Exam English Preparation Tips 2016-17.This is very important to use the sample papers as they contain the exact type of questions which are always asked in the examination and candidates get to know what exactly they have to prepare and they can prepare it their own way. Candidates from all the categories will need to practice the papers well which will improve their performance

English test book for Banking/SSC examinations

Staff selection commission each year conducts various examination and a lot of candidates appear for the examination and they have been looking for the books to prepare for the SSC examination. Many candidates are good at the Aptitude section but they are not very good at the English and so they loose their marks easily in that section. Candidates who want to pass the examination will need to prepare according to the pattern and the syllabus of the SSC examination. Here is some of the important list of books which the candidates can follow to prepare for the examination. The English in SSC exam will be of the graduate level and candidates should know the grammar and the vocabulary well to solve the questions. They can solve the previous year questions to exactly know the exam pattern and syllabus for the examination.

Here are some useful list of books which will help the candidates in their preparation for the English section in SSC examination. Question will be generally asked form the following topics in the examination. All the questions will be multiple choice only with four option given against each questions.

  1. Reading comprehension: this will include passages and candidates will need to read the passages well to score good marks in this section. They have to understand it at first and then they can answer the questions which follows based on it.
  2. Error spotting: this will also be there in the question paper and to solve this section, you must understand the grammar and the language well. To leant the grammar start from the beginning and learn the important concepts based on it at first.
  3. Sentence re arrangement: this will be also one of the questions in English language. Candidates will need to have good understanding of the sentences so that they can decide the sequence of the events based on that.
  4. Cloze test: this will be simple fill in the blanks and if you understand the passage/ story which is given you can easily solve the cloze test.
  5. Error correction: candidates will need to learn the idioms and phrases for this section so that they can what may substitute the sentence to make it correct.

Books to prepare for English section

Candidates can buy the below books to learn and understand the grammar use with objective questions

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