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How to score good marks in english in IBPS bank exams

bankers adda preparation for banking exams ibps rrb po clerk all .How to score good marks in English in IBPS bank exams. English is one of the intimidating sections for most of the aspirants and they just leave the section and solve a very less number of questions in order to pass the sectional cutoff. english book for bank exam pdf. This affects their preference in overall examination and they can improve their English section by following some of the tips which have been mentioned below. Candidates who are going to appear in the examination need to focus on all the sections including English section. They have to allocate time for each of the section and they have to qualify in each section in the examination.

How to score good marks in english section

They have to perform better at the examination to be called next for the personal interview or final section process. Here some of the tips for the English section has been given and all those candidates who are going to appear in the exam need to follow this.English book for bank exam free download,best English book for ibps po preparation bank exam preparation books name online.They must make reading as their habit and they should keep learning new words and sentence formation. Some sentences are formed in a particular way only and there are some words which are used in a particular manner only.

Score better in English section in banking exam

Banking exam will have English section as one of the compulsory sections in the exam. There will be 5 sections which are given as under.

  1. Reasoning section for 50 marks
  2. English section for 40 marks
  3. Quantitative aptitude for 50 marks
  4. General awareness for 40 marks
  5. Computer awareness for 20 marks

Overall there will be 200 questions in the exam and time allowed will be 2 hours. Candidates will be required to perform well in the exam and they can follow some of the tips for the exam which have been given below.

  1. Read English newspaper daily

One of the most important thing to know that improving English section will need candidates to read the newspaper which will have sufficient information, new words and all the vocabulary that they need to know in the examination. Candidates should know that they should read news paper only which are relevant to them. Some of the good news papers are The Hindu and The Indian Express etc.

  1. Learn vocabulary

Another important thing to know about the preparation is to learn the vocabulary for the examination. Candidates will be required to learn new words and they should keep themselves updated. Also the current affairs are very important and most of the English language passages will be asked from current affairs/ banking awareness only. Candidates should be well aware of the commonly used banking terms and technology and all the new schemes of the government from which generally the questions are asked in the examination.

  1. Read preparation books

Another important thing to know is to read the books meant for English section. Candidates will be required to know the list of books which will be required for the preparation and after this they should keep learning the details. They should understand the pattern of the exam and type of questions which are generally asked in the exam and after this they should prepare well for the exam.

  1. Learn new words

Again, it is very important for candidates to keep learning about new words and they should keep improving their vocabulary. New words may confuse them and they cannot solve the questions as they cannot understand the main idea of the sentence or passages. To answer the questions, they need to learn the vocabulary and grammar. Also forming the grammar and its rule are very important and candidates should work hard on it.

  1. Practice Sample papers

Another important aspect of the preparation is to practice. Practice is very important as some of the words and sentence formation can only be learnt through the practice. Candidates are required to keep practicing the Sample papers and after this they will be more confident in solving the questions and they can appear for the exam more confidently

  1. Allocate time for English section

This is required that candidates should allocate time for English section in advance. You can allocate up to 30 minutes of time for this section and within this time frame, candidates are required to solve the questions in the examination.

  1. Solve reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is one of the section which candidates generally ignore. But this is one of the part which has to be done in the exam. Candidates should know that this part consist of almost 20 questions out of 40 questions in the exam. So it cannot be left. Candidates will be required to read the comprehension well and after this they can solve the questions/ to solve the questions follow the details given below

  1. Read the first and last paragraph twice
  2. Before you read the comprehension, read the questions so you have idea on what para to read more carefully
  3. While reading the passage, try to understand the main idea of the passage.
  4. Once you understand the main idea of the passage, you can solve the passage well.

Candidates who are going to appear for the exam should follow the tips for the examination. Candidates should learn the details which are important and they can score good marks in overall examination. Also they have to learn the English section which is very important.

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