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How to reduce negative marks in bank exams

How to reduce negative marks in bank exams,How to reduce negative marking in competitive exams 2017 banking jobs like ibps ,sbi clerk po recruitment and government like upsc ssc india navy ,railway recruitment all.Competitive exams be it IBPS, Banks, SSC, UPSC, state entrance examinations etc all have negative marking structure in their examination.

How does negative marking work?

Read here also how to reduce negative marks in bank exams.This is to make sure that only intelligent candidates are selected and not those who are random guesser in the exam. So if you mark a n answer wrong, you will be penalized by a negative marking generally 0.25 or ¼ of total marks allotted to that question. In some of the exams, negative marking may be for 1/3 or ½ of the total marks allotted to that question.

How to reduce negative marking in competitive exams

In this case, if you make a random guess you will end up scoring a very low marks or may be negative marks which won’t allow you to get a job anyway. It is therefore very important to work on the negative marking and how to reduce negative markings in the examination. How to reduce negative marking in competitive exams.Candidates who are going to appear in various examinations in the year 2017 should focus on reducing the negative marking. Here are some of the tips which can improve your performance and accuracy in the examination.how to calculate negative marking in ssc,1/4 negative marking means ,what is negative marking multiple choice.

How to improve accuracy in exam- reduce negative marking

Negative marking will play very important role both in selection and assessment of the intellectual level of candidates. Here are some tips which can improve your performance and reduce negative markings in the exam.

Practice more and more

This is one of the very important factors of appearing in the exam. The more you practice questions, more familiar you become with the type of questions and more knowledge you gain on how to solve those questions which will eventually recue your negative markings in the examination.

Study frequently

If you think that you will prepare overnight for the examination and you can pass the exam then it is your mistakes. The examination now a days have been very tough and competitive. You need both speed and accuracy to crack a n exam. You have to make proper strategy to tackle the questions and after this you can appear in the examination

Solve last year question papers

The pattern of a particular exam remains the same and that is why if you work on previous year question papers then there are chances that you are preparing for the exam in right way. You will gain subject specific knowledge and you will improve your negative marking through this.


While reading the questions in the exam, focus on the question and what is being asked to you. Just do not read a few lines and jump on solving the questions. You have to fist understand the question and after that you should attempt that question in the exam

Do not overwrite

In those examinations, where there is OMR sheet for evaluation of answers, candidates should focus not to marking answer twice. First be sure of the answer and then you should mark your answer because once you marks it you cannot erase it. While in online examinations, you have an option to change your response.

Attempt easy questions first

All the examinations have some easy questions, some moderate level questions and aa few difficult questions. You have to first identify the easier questions and go for the easier ones first. Once you complete solving the easier ones  then go for the moderate level of questions followed by the tough questions

Do not guess randomly in the exam

This is one of the main factors of negative marks in the exam. Many candidates stat guessing the answers once they complete solving the questions and they remain with the time. Do not guess the answers random there are maximum chances that it will be wrong and you will be penalized of wrong answers

Do not take stress

Either before thee examination or while in the examination, avoid stress. Stress can affect your performance in the exam and you wont be able to qualify the examination. It is better therefore to avoid or think of any stress while in the examination. This will improve your performance

Solve mock test papers

Mock test papers are another way to prepare for the exam in right direction. These are based on latest pattern and type of questions and so it will help you improve your overall performance in the exam

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