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Historical Monuments Of India Information

Study here Historical monuments of India for government exams.India is a country of monuments. It has a lot of archaeological monuments and other buildings and structures which was made mainly by the Mughal emperors in India. During the Mughal Empire India was among the most developed counties and it had a lot of gold and it was self sufficient. It traded several products with a lot of counties and it was among the wealthiest counties in the world. Alter with the arrival of India its gross domestic product rate became very less and for the 100 years it was below 1% of the growth rate the reason was that it did not imported anything. British rulers used the country only for the import of their own manufactured products and it put the country on the backward place in the world. During the Mughal Empire the country had a lot of power and money because the early Mughals were very capable rulers and they helped India to achieve the success in the race of GDP and progress. They treated India as their own country and did not exploit it like the British Empire.

Later rulers of the Mughal empires were incapable rulers and due to the cunning nature of the British, they lost their power and suddenly the power was transferred in the British hand and they exploited the country. They not only exploited the country and looted it but also they have breaded contempt in the people of the country for each other mainly between the Hindu and the Muslim. Many Mughal empires like Aurangzeb who gifted a lots of land in the History for the construction of the temples have been shown in the History as the hater of the Hinduism. The History was re designed for according to the Brutish empire.

Candidates must know about the monuments which are made by some of the great Mughals which is now the source of earning of foreign exchange for India. Some of the great building was also made by the ancient rulers like the great Ashoka who made the Askoan Pillar at Delhi and also Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh.

India is the land of the earliest civilizations which is the Harappan Civilization and it has been found in the India mainly in the lands of Pakistan which was once a part of India only.

Famous Historical Monuments

o   Akbar’s Mausoleum (Sikandra,UP) : Akbar

o   Bibi Ka Maqbara (Aurangabad,Maharashtra) : Aurangzeb

o   Aram Bagh (Agra,UP) : Babur

o   Agra Fort (Agra,UP) : Akbar

o   Jama masjid (Delhi) : Shahjahan

o   CharMinar (Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh) : Quli Qutub Shah

o   Deewan-e- Khas (Agra Fort,UP) : Shahjahan

o   Itmad-ud-daula Fort (Agra,UP) : Noorjahan

o   Moti Masjid (Delhi Fort) : Aurangzeb

o   Sun Temple (Kornak,Odisha) : Narsimhadeva I

o   Hawa Mahal (Jaipur,Rajasthan) : Maharaja Pratap Singh

o   Humayun’s Tomb (Delhi) : Humayun’s wife

o   Jama Masjid (Agra,UP) : Shahjahan

o   Jagannath Temple (Puri,Odisha) : Anantvarman Ganga

o   Jantar-Mantar (Delhi) : Sawai Jai Singh

o   Moti Masjid (Agra Fort,UP) : Shahjahan

o   Qutub Minar (Delhi) : Qutubuddin Aibak

o   Gateway of India (Mumbai,Maharashtra) : British Govt.

o   Elephanta’s cave (Mumbai,Maharashtra) : Rashtrakuta rulers

o   Fatehpur Sikri (Agra,UP) : Akbar ??

o   Ferozshah Kotla (Delhi) : Ferozshan Tughlaq

o   Jim Corbett Park (Nainital,Uttarakhand) : Sir Malcom Hailley

o   Jodhpur Fort (Jodhpur,Rajasthan) : Rao Jodhaji

o   Makka Masjid (Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh) : Quli Qutub Shah

o   Red Fort (Delhi) : Shahjahan

o   Sabarmati Ashram (Ahmadabad,Gujarat) : Mahatma Gandhi

o   Shantiniketan (West Bengal) : Rabindra Nath Tagore

o   Shish Mahal (Agra,UP) : Shahjahan

o   Shalimar Garden (Srinagar,J & K) : Jahangir

o   Vellure Math (Kolkata,West Bengal) : Swami Vivekanand

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