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Banking and Other Govt UPSC SSC General Awareness 2016 GA pdf

New CMD, MD and CEO of the PSBs Latest Current Affairs

Banking GK New CMD, MD and CEO of the PSBs.Public sector banks are one of the major banking service providers in the country. Currently there are 27 public sector banks and the names of CEO, CMDs are often asked in the examination generally in one of the banking exams like SBI and IBPS etc. The post of CEO, CMDs are ... Read More »

List of international airports in India

Read List of international airports in India.Here is the list of all the international airports which the candidates can learn for the upcoming SSC FCI and other banking examinations 2017-18. This is the trend in banking examination that SSC has been asking the questions from this section. All those who want to pass the examination can learn the details which ... Read More »

All you need to know about Smart Cities

All you need to know about Smart Cities.Smart cities are the concept which was first coined by IBM on Center of market fluctuations. Currently India has decided to make 98 cities as smart cities and question related to it has been asked in the examination. As the work is yet to be started questions are still asked form this section ... Read More »

List of all national and international awards

List of all National and international awards- Information and Irony.Awards are constituted with a nobel purpose of encouraging individuals for their good work they have done for the humanity and to inspire all other individual in the world for the same. This way we can keep track of goodness which can lead to a good life for all. There are ... Read More »

AADHAR Pay App- Important details

AADHAR Pay App- Important details to know.The government of India has launched AADHAR Pay App now only for the merchants to process the transaction in a smooth manner and to bring more digitization in the payment method and technology. The government is focusing on the digital payments and this is a step towards it. The app is primarily launched for ... Read More »

Union Budget highlights 2017

Union Budget highlights 2017.Union Budget is represented each year by the finance minister of India. Budget is nothing but the detail of all the income and expenditure of the country estimated over the financial year. The year begins with April 1 and ends with March 31 and for this upcoming period, the government projects various plans and for these plans ... Read More »

Economic survey 2017 Highlights

Economic survey 2017 details.Economic survey in India is conducted by finance ministry and it is released each year by the ministry and finance minister presents the economic survey. For this year the economic survey report has been released and the highlights of the release has been given below. From this year the union budget and the railway budget has been ... Read More »

Make in India program details for banking exams

Make in India program- details you need to know.Make in India is currently in news and it has gained popularity over the time since the launch of the program in 2014. In the year 2013 India was facing a severe financial crisis and its GDP was lowest in the BRICS nation. It was feared by the investors whether investing in ... Read More »

Important appointments for the year 2017 for exams

List of new appointments for the year 2016.The year of 2016 has come to an end and with this here we are giving list of all the appointments which have been taken place to the important and key positions. Appointment to important government positions is very important and questions from this section is often asked in the examination. In the ... Read More »

list of national awards in india 2016

List of awards in the year 2016.AS the year is going to end soon and in this year various important events have taken place in this year. Various types of awards of national and international order have been given to the meritorious persons and a lot of awards have been given. Some of the awards which are always given have ... Read More »