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Banking and Other Govt UPSC SSC General Awareness 2016 GA pdf

SBI Associate Clerk General Awareness 2015 Preparation plan

This post is written to tell the candidates how they can prepare for the upcoming SBI associate bank clerk 2015 examination..SBI Associate Bank clerk examination is going to be conducted very soon now and a huge number of candidates have been waiting for the examination and they have been searching for General awareness section and how to prepare the GA. ... Read More »

Major Institutions In World And Their Founders

List of Major Institutions in world and their founders for various exams.There are a lot of institutions which are set up in India and aboard which serves a specific purpose. Some of them have been set up to prove the hospitality to the patients and ill persons while some of them are contributing to the large asylum to the various ... Read More »

List Of City NickNames In India for IBPS SSC UPSC

IBPS SSC UPSC frequently asked questions in exams.There are many frequently asked questions in various government examinations and candidates are expected to have the knowledge of some of these basic questions which are often asked. All the candidates must learn some of these questions which will help them get a few more marks in the exams. Candidates who have been ... Read More »

The nobel prize Winners in chemistry since 1901

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2014 and all years for competitive exams.Here we are discussing the essence of Nobel Prize. Prizes are given to encourage the individuals for the good work and the useful work that they have done or for their service to the man kind and humanity which has brought peace and made the world more efficient in ... Read More »

Oscar awards 2013 for Banking examinations

Oscar awards are the highest awards in the field of Cinema. Oscar awards are the most prestigious awards as the Nobel Prize. As Nobel Prize is not given in the field of Cinema, Oscar awards are constituted for the same purpose. List of Oscar awards 2013 for Banking examinations.This is to encourage the film makers, directors, musicians, co actors, producers, ... Read More »

Nobel Prize Winners in Physics year Wise Since 1901

All Nobel Prize Winners in Physics for government exams.Nobel prize as discussed earlier are one of the greatest prizes which are given to the individuals solo and in group for their contribution in Physics, chemistry, medicines, Economics, peace and literature. A lot of persons have been awarded the Nobel Prize from time to time for achieving distinction in their area ... Read More »

National parks in India pdf for IBPS,Other Exams

Important general awareness topic of banking National Parks in India for IBPS and Bank,Other all examinations.National Parks are the protected areas where poaching is illegal and such areas are open or fenced but there are forest officers who keep a watch on all the ecological activities that take place in that area. It can be regarded as a large forest ... Read More »

List of Museums in India for All Examinations

In most of the government examinations there are questions which are asked from the national museums and no doubt they are very important with respect to the national history of the country. List of  all National and Local Museums in India pdf for IBPS Bank and SSC examinations.They provide the practical knowledge about the historical aspect of the country and ... Read More »

Women Empowerment programmes for Bank Exams

We are providing details of Women Empowerment programmes for IBPS Bank and others.Women Empowerment which is the hot topic of discussion for all times has a very wide importance in the current social scenario of the country. In a country like India where the women are considered inferior to men and are exploited in each step of life from marriage ... Read More »

Railway budget 2014-2015 highlights pdf For Banking

Railway Budget Highlights 2014-15 Pdf for various government examination.In India the railway budget is presented differently from the union budget. Budget is nothing but a legal paper which mentions the government expenditure and revenue for the current fiscal year. This is a part of Fiscal policy of the government. Union budget is presented in the parliament on the last working ... Read More »