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Banking and Other Govt UPSC SSC General Awareness 2016 GA pdf

History of insurance (companies) industry in India

History of insurance industry in India.Insurance industry started functioning in India late. It was very early introduced in England and soon it got pace and people were interested in the business. Soon it became a popular business and started functioning worldwide. The first insurance company was established in London, UK by William Talbot and Sir Thomas Allen in 1706. It ... Read More »

Insurance Companies Concepts LIC NICL NIACL UIIC

Important insurance concepts to learn for exams.A lot of candidates have applied for the various competitive examination including the NICL AO and assistant examination and they are waiting for the examination to be conducted soon. A lot of candidates have been searching for insurance concepts and terms which will help them score good marks in the examination. in the online ... Read More »

India Economic Reforms 2015 Pdf Since 1991

India Economic reforms.India has been planning the economic strategies from a long time past independence. The economic policies and liberalization that it adopted has been categories in 3 main parts which is related to the area of stress on these economic policies. India is among the largest growing economies in the world second to china. China is the largest economy ... Read More »

List of First Indian Women in Various Fields Imp

List of first Indian women.Here are the list of Indian women who have worked in different areas and amazed the world. These women have raised the respect of India in the world and they are one who has worked well. The questions related to woman empowerment and the list of Indian women who have worked something unexpected are often asked ... Read More »

Union Budget 2015-16 Highlights pdf Download

Highlights of union budget 2015-16 pdf.Union budget has been presented by the government of India and it has been tabled in the parliament yesterday. A lot of expectations were attached to the union budget but it was just vain like other s. government has increased the service tax which is most important for considering the inflation on general items. Now ... Read More »

Important Facts About Budget Of India key points

Some important points about Budget.Budget is presented each year in parliament by the finance minister. The current budget has been presented by Arun jaitley in the parliament and this is a piece of paper which tells what the revenue sources are and what are the expenditures of the government for the whole financial year. A lot of candidates who are ... Read More »

Railway Budget 2015 Update News For All Exams

Rail Budget news and updates in 2015 pdf .Railway budget is prepared and presented separately from the union budget each year and this is tabled in the parliament one day earlier than the union budget. A lot of candidates who have been preparing for the examination for banking and insurance sector will get to know a lot of news about ... Read More »

Oscar Awards 2015 Winners of 87th film academy

87th film academy awards for exams.Each year the academy awards are released for the movies of national and international repute that win the prizes. A lot of movies are given the academy awards each year in different categories.87th film academy Oscar Awards 2015 Winners list pdf.The category may the short movie, best director, best actor or actress, best foreign language ... Read More »

Important Points On Population Of India

In various examinations there are questions asked regarding the population of the country and candidates should know some of the useful details about the population of the county. It will help them achieve good marks in the examination. It is also asked in Banking in SSC Railways and UPSC etc. candidates should study the details given below carefully and it ... Read More »

Important Persons in News 2014-15 for the Banking

Important Persons in News for the Banking examinations.In the banking section the candidates will always get some questions related to the persons who are in limelight. These are those persons who have done some useful task for the humanity and have changed something and have won something. Mainly this section will have the winners of the sports who have played ... Read More »