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Banking and Other Govt UPSC SSC General Awareness 2016 GA pdf

Banking Related Acts For General Awareness

Banking related Acts pdf for IBPS examination.Banking related acts are generally asked in the written examination for bank and IBPS and a lot of candidates who have been preparing for the banking examination need to have a through knowledge of all such laws. One of the important laws is the banking regulation act 1949 and one of the other important ... Read More »

Fortune Forbes world Asia news 2015

Fortune Forbes world Asia news 2015.Forbes is one of the world’s most prestigious magazines which conducts the survey and experiment on various aspects of the country and personas to reach a conclusion and after this it publishes the news with utmost accuracy. Fortune and Forbes related news are often asked in the banking examination and all those who have been ... Read More »

List of Central bank governors of the world

List of Central bank governors of the world 2015.Each country has a central bank which is also called federal bank in some of the countries like the US. It is the most important bank which regulates all other type of public sector and private sector banking. In India RBI (reserve bank of India) is the central bank of India which ... Read More »

Wimbledon championship 2015 winner list

Wimbledon championship 2015 winner list.Wimbledon championship is one of the Grand Slams in the world of Tennis and it is regarded with great respect. There are only 4 Grand Slams in the field of Tennis which are French open, US open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. Wimbledon championship is one the oldest grand slams in the field of Tennis and questions ... Read More »

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cuts repo rate by 25 basis points

RBI cuts Repo rate by 25 basis points June 2015.Reserve bank of India has currently changed its policy rates which will be effected from June 2, 2015 in some of the cases. Candidates who have been preparing for the banking and other insurance based examination should note the details of the RBI new rates and these are likely to be ... Read More »

68th Cannes Film Festival 2015 highlights

68th Cannes Film Festival 2015 highlights.Cannes Film Festivals is celebrated each year to provide the highest award in the Film and motion pictures. The film and movies from all the languages are included in the show and every language film is allowed entry in the Cannes Film festival. Before the film gets entry into the Cannes, it is thoroughly scrutinized ... Read More »

Earthquake In Nepal April 2015 Killing More Than 1800

Earthquake Devastates Nepal April 2015 Killing More Than 1800.Earthquake in Nepal loss of people and property.A devastating earth quake hit hard the Kathmandu Area of Nepal which is residence of 1 million people and the earth quake stuck at 11.56 AM in Nepal. After the earth quake stuck the areas of Nepal damaging vast property and lives, the next earth ... Read More »

NICL AO Assistants 2015 GK Power capsule pdf

GK Power capsule for NICL AO and assistants 2015.National Insurance Corporation Limited which deals in the insurance business in India has currently issued a notification for the recruitment of administrative officers and the assistants in Insurance Company and a lot of candidates have applied for the post. Now all of them have been waiting for the upcoming examination which will ... Read More »

Some Popular/Famous Books And Their Authors

Some popular books and their authors pdf for banking general awareness ,current affairs.Questions are always asked related to books and authors in all types of competition and those who have been preparing for any examination including SSC, banking and other examination should learn the name of these popular books and their authors. Most of these book have been  written in ... Read More »

62nd National film awards 2015 Winner List

Winner List of 62nd national film awards 2015.National Film awards are presented by the Directorate of Film festivals each year. The most influencing movies get the awards and there are several film categories in which the awards are given and presented. It is given in several languages of India. This is national awards and it can be given for the ... Read More »