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Frequently Asked Computer Abbreviations In Bank Exams

Computer Abbreviations for Bank Examinations(IBPS,SBI Clerk Po..etc and other competitive exams).There is a lot of words which are used in the computer technology and terminology and that is asked in the examinations be it IBPS Banking or any other. These short cuts are related to some of the functions of the computer of the operating systems. These short cuts are used with the help of keyboard keys to perform various functions of the operating system when the computer is on the standby mode. These are also used in various computer language context and candidates are expected to at least know the full form of these short cut keys. Some of them are used in the Database, Motherboard and the encryption techniques. Those who wish to clear the computer section of the Banking examination easily must learn these shortcuts of computer keys and it will help them clear the examination. We wish good luck to candidates for their examination.

Frequently used computer short cuts for exams:

o   ACE – Access Control Entry

o   ACL – Access Control List

o   ADO – Active Data Objects

o   ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

o   AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port

o   AI – Artificial Intelligence

oALGOL – Algorithmic Language

o   ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit

o   ANSI- American National Standards Institute

o   AOL – America Online

o   API – Application Program Interface

o   APIPA- Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing

o   APT- Automatically Programmed Tooling

o   ARD – Address Resolution Protocol

o   ARP – Address Resolution Protocol

o   ARPA- Advanced Research Projects Agency

o   ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

o   ASCII- American Standard Code For Information Interchange

o   B2B – Business To Business

o   B2C – Business To Commerce

o   BASIC- Beginner`s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

o   BCD – Binary Coded Decimal

o   BDPS-  Business Data Processing Systems

o   BHTML- Broadcast Hyper Text Markup Language

o   BIOS-  Basic Input Output Systemo

o   FTP – File Transfer Protocol

o   GB – Giga Bytes

o   GIF – Graphic Interchange Format

o   GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

o   GML – General Markup Language

o   GNU-  Gnu`s Not Unix

o   GPL – General Public License

o   GUI – Graphical User Interface

o   HDD – Hard Disk Drive

o   HFS – Hierarchical File System

o   HP – Hewlett Packard

o   HPC-  High Performance Computing

o   HPFS – High Performance File System

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  1. Is it ARD or ADP Address Resolution Protocol.

    • ARD & ARP ki same abbreviation di hai…. N B2C ka business to consumer ya customer hona chahie……. Agar nai to kindly explain kare…. Ise…

  2. please give here banking all materisls as pdf format.

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