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Easy way to learn English vocabulary Free

Easy way to learn English vocabulary Free for Banking and all govt exams bankers adda practice daily words ,and get here how to get good marks in banking English section.English is one of the major part of all the competitive examination and all those candidates who have been preparing for the bank exam or SSC examination or any other state level entrance exam for government job, they should know the details of English language and the vocabulary which is very important. If they are good at vocabulary then they can score good marks in the overall all banking ibps sbi  and govt upsc ssc ,Railway all psc examination. Generally the questions are asked from passage, cloze test, re arrangement of sentences, active and passive voice, synonyms and antonym etc. Candidates who are preparing for the examination should get in touch with the English language well. Here are some f the easy way which candidates should know and they can appear for the examination. all those who will pass the written test will next be called for the personal interview and other processes.Easy way to learn English vocabulary.

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Easy way to learn English language details

Candidates should understand that grammar is very important to learn English language and all those who are engaged on preparing should make their vocabulary string. It is very important to understand the words either if they are in Passage or cloze test etc. The words are generally devised from

  • Latin or
  • Greek or
  • German

Candidates have to know the root word and they can understand various different words which can be formulated from one of the greek/ german/ latin word etc.

A word is made up of three parts. For ex- subtracted

Sub (prefix) ——–tract (root) ———- ed (suffix)

Candidates can understand the root words and they can understand the meaning of these words as under.

SUICIDE–—killing oneself

MATRICIDE—–killing one’s mother

PATRICIDE—–killing one’s father

FRATRICIDE—-killing one’s own brother

INFANTICIDE–—killing a new born

The root word is CIDE= killing of

In the similar way candidates can find out the root words and based on this they can associate the key words and they can understand the details. Candidates can learn the details of all other key words and they can associate other words through it to find their meaning.

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