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Data communication study material For IT Offier

Read here Data communication study materials for IT officer examination.Candidates who have been preparing for the IT officer examination conducted by the IBPS should read the data communication methods and the steps involved in it. It is the process of how communication takes place between two computers in a network and what the protocols are which are designed to control the flow of data and correct the errors which may come across while transmitting a signal/ data from one side and while receiving that data/ information at the other side. Data communication is a broad concept and we have been using it in our commutation each day and every time. Candidates who are preparing for the examination should understand some of the concepts which are very useful in Data communication. Data can be anything, image, and file, text, sound, raw data or processed information. Our work is sending the data without any interruption from one end to the other end (dedicated system).

IBPS IT Officer Syllabus 2016-17

This is done in step by step and with the help of protocols which the candidates should know. Here we are defining step by step process of data data communication pdfcommunication.

Step by step procedure of communication between 2 nodes in a network:

  1. Input Data: it what we want to send/ communicate to the other node in the network. It can be anything like picture, text, multimedia or signals in case of analog systems.
  2. Transmitter: Transmitter can be any computer/ machine/ dumb terminal which is sending data/ signal to other computer.
  3. Transmitted signal: while the signal is being transmitted from a node, it has to change its form. The node usually sends the input as digital data but nodes are connected through the wire or wireless medium.

In wired medium, the data has to be converted into the electrical signals, charges and transfers’ across the other end.

In the wireless medium, the data is converted into electromagnetic waves and travels over the air. This can be guided or unguided medium.

There is something which is required to convert this data/ information/ input from one form to other while transmitting them. It is called MODEM (Modulator and demodulator)

  1. Transmission medium: as we have already discussed, transmission medium is what out data is travelling through. It can be waited medium or wireless medium.
  2. Received signal: these concerned signals/ data reach the other end and it is received by a receiver . at this instant this is also required to be decoded again into the digital data what out computer understand. Our computer understands only digital data so conversion of input is again required here. This is done by MODEM at the other end.
  3. Output data: the data which is finally received at the other end is output data. This is coded again in a form user can understand with the help of presentation layer and what we see is the date we can understand.

These steps are involved in the data communication over a network and candidates should learn it well for the examination.

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