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Computer storage Devices List For Banking Exams

Candidates must have a good understanding of the computer storage devices that are present in the computer by itself or they can be attached to it for its better performance and speed. IBPS PO and clerk examinations often asks questions from the storage devices of the computer and candidates must be well aware about it and must be able to differentiate between the different types of storage devices and they may be able to answer the questions based on this concept. There are basically two type of storage devices like primary storage and secondary storage in computers. But with the advent of CDS and DVDS and also after the USB flash drives the types of storage devices have been increased and some of these devices which can be attached to the system and can be usually mounted as a drive is called the tertiary devices.

Types of Storage Devices:

Primary storage: this is the storage where the computer actually stores the instructions and date while processing it. It does not save the data in the primary memory and always use it while performing an operation. Example is Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory.

In ROM we have already discussed that the information is persistent and may not need to change but sometimes when we need to change and upgrade the BIOS of the computer the ROM may be erased and re programmed with a different type of ROM.

Secondary storage:

Computer systems in addition to the primary storage have their secondary storage also. It is generally Hard Disk Drive. Computers can save the data and information, images, audio, video, documents, databases et in the Hard Drive permanently so long as the computer is not damaged physically. Generally the life of Hard Drive is for many years.

Tertiary storage devices:

These are plug and play devices which can be attached to one of the port of the system extension and the devices can be mounted to form a disk drive and they can be used to store the files and data. These are flash drives, USBs.

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