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Computer knowledge Test On Founders

Computer knowledge Test for the IBPS,SBI PO and Clerk examination.Here are a few questions which are generally asked in the examinations. All the candidates should need to learn them. They are generally the names of the founder of some large software multinationals which have the effect in the world and have changed and revolutionaries the world. Candidates must check the MCQs from below and they must learn the names of the founders and their company names which are from the IT and computer background. In some of the examinations like Insurance based NICL exams or NIACL examinations such type of questions can generally be seen. This is equally good for the examinations like Railways and Defence and Banking and all those who are appearing in the IBPS clerk examinations and PO in their next endeavors must learn these.We have given at below Founders of computer languages and technologies popular and we are using now.

o   Founder of Apple Computers – Steve Jobs

o   Father of ‘Java’- James Gosling

o   Father of JQuery – John Resig

o   Father of ‘C’ Language – Dennis Ritchie

o   Father of ‘C++’ language – Bjarne Stroustrup

o   Founder of Email – Shiva Ayyadurai

o   Founder of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin

o   Founder of Internet – Vint Cerf

o   Founder of Keyboard – Christoper Latham Sholes

o   Founder of Linux – Linus Torvalds

o   Founder of USB – Ajay V.Bhatt

o   Founder of Artificial Intelligence – John McCarthy

o   Founder of Bluetooth – Ericsson

o   Father of Computer – Charles Babbage

o   Founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates and Paul Allen

o   Founder of Mobile Phones – Martin Cooper

o   Founder of Mouse – Douglas Engelbart

o   Founders of Oracle – Ed Oates, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner

o   Founder of Php – Rasmus Lerdorf

o   Founder of WWW – Tim Berners-Lee

o   Founder of Yahoo – Jurry Yang and David Filo

Mostly these are big software giants which have their impact in every strata of life and everyone must know about those who founded them r created them with their hard work.

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