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Computer Hardware And Software Terms for Bank Exams

What is the Computer Hardware and Software for Bank Exams like IBPS,SBI Clerk and POs.A computer is an electronic device which performs several functions. All the parts of computers are either Hardware of software. The hardware is those computer parts which we can see and touch. These are tangible components. Software is written programs which performs a specific function in the computer. These cannot be touched only the source code can be seen. All the hardware components of the computer are called the peripherals. Peripherals mean which are attached to the computer system via the cords and wires. A candidate must be well aware of the hardware and software parts of the computer. These sections are important as it is very basic and candidates must know these things and difference. Some of the examples of the hardware and software are given below which the candidates can learn.

Hardware parts are keyboard, Mouse, Zip Drive, Monitor, Scanner, Speaker, Video Camera, Notebook, CD ROM, floppy disk Drive etc.

Software is a collection of programs which perform some functions. Examples are MS word, MS Excel, Power point, MS Paint etc.

Hardware can be further categorized into input devices and the output devices.

Input devices- these are those computer parts which are used to enter the data into the computer which the computer process it into the information according to the given instruction and then present the user with the result/ output.

Input parts are Keyboard, Mouse, and Scanner etc.

Output Devices: these are those devices which are used to present or show the output/ result of the processed information to the user. These are Video display Unit (Monitor), 7 Segment Display, Projector etc.

Categories of software:

Software can also be of different types. These can be categorized in major two types. These are application Software and System Software.

Application software: these are designed to fulfill the need of the end users and the industries. Example is the MS Office suite.

System Software: These are the software programs which are used to create those programs which can be used to create the application software. These can be utilities and compilers etc.

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