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Computer Devices and their Functions Name wise

Here are some of the common devices which are attached to the computer and they can be used for the various purposes. Candidates who are preparing for the IBPS Banking examination especially for the Clerks examination must learn these for their good performance. These will help the candidates score better marks. These are basically

system devicesall the hardware devices only. Some of them are input devices and some of them are output devices and candidates should know what these devices are used for.Computer Devices For both input and out devices are given in below list. Sometimes in the examination they ask the question related to the function of the parts or they give the function and candidates are expected to recognize which part it can be.

List of common computer devices with function

  1. Keyboard- this is one of the most widely used input device and is used to enter the data into computer with the help of various type of available keys.
  2. Mouse- this is a pointing device which can be connected to the computer with the help of PS2 or USB wire and it can be used to select a portion or object on the screen. It can be used to perform various functions without the keyboard very fast.
  3. Scanner- It is an input device which is used to scan the document, images and other files which create a soft copy of the physical documents/ images etc. this is widely used in any application.
  4. Touch pad: It a device which is used to record the touch of the touch screen on the desktop.
  5. Light Pen– this is also used to pint the areas on the screen like the Mouse.
  6. Joysticks- these were used earlier. These were used to play video games which were not earlier not computer based games.
  7. VDU- the screen of the computer which is also called the monitor or the visual display Unit is used to show the result on the screen.
  8. Printer: it is one of the most common output devices which is used to print the object/ documents on paper. It creates the hard copies of the soft objects.

These will definitely help the candidates. Good Luck!

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