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Computer Awareness

Computer Devices and their Functions Name wise

Here are some of the common devices which are attached to the computer and they can be used for the various purposes. Candidates who are preparing for the IBPS Banking examination especially for the Clerks examination must learn these for their good performance. These will help the candidates score better marks. These are basically all the hardware devices only. Some ... Read More »

Some important browser short cuts For Bank Exams

First of all the candidates must know what the browser is. A browser is a computer program which sends the user input to the server and then receives the output from the server and preset it in useful manner on the browser that the user can understand. It works on application layer. Users can find any information on web with ... Read More »

List of common file extensions and their meanings

Some important and basic file extensions that candidates must know to get good marks in ibps and SBI po clerk exams from computer awareness section.File extensions are associated with each file they we create or work on. There can be different types of File extensions and they tell us about the type of the file we are using. File extensions ... Read More »

Inventors of the computer Technology Name wise

In most of the examinations it is asked about the inventors of the computer technology. The technology can be a device and algorithm also or it can be can be electronic circuits which was developed wither by a company or individuals. These terms are also required to be learnt by the candidates in order to have a good performance in ... Read More »

Important computer terms For IBPS SBI Exams

These are the important computer terms which are related to the computers and a lot of candidates do not differentiate between them. These computer concepts are very general and they must be known to the candidates who are preparing for the IBPS computer section and other banking examinations. These terms are commonly used in the computer with different contents. Sometimes ... Read More »

Types of computer based on configurations of computers

There are different types of computers as discussed in the earlier posts. Based on the configurations these can be different type of computers too. These are main frame computers, mini computers, micro computers and super computers etc. each has its own cons and pros and they do not usually used in all the environments. They are used according to the ... Read More »

Types of computer systems Topic For Banking

There can be many types of computer systems. They can be analog or digital as originally they were. With the time they have evolved into hybrid computers which provided the features of both the types of computers. Types of computer can be categorized on the basis of different parameters. Here we are categorizing the computers based on the type of ... Read More »

Types of Keys and Keyboard short cuts

Every computer has a keyboard. It is the most common type of input device. It consists of a number of different types of keys which performs different functions. When we press the alphabetic keys and numeric keys they can be used to write to write the text and data on any document. They can be used in combination of other ... Read More »

computer awareness tips for bank,competitive exams

A lot of candidates wonder on how to prepare the computer concepts which are asked in various examinations now days. All the candidates are expected to be computer literate and must know the concepts of the computer which will help them in their work while they will be employed. A lot of candidates who come from the technical background may ... Read More »