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Computer Awareness

Characteristics of computers (Computer Awareness)

Computer Awareness concepts for IBPS PO and Clerk (characteristics of computers).A computer can perform several tasks and that too in a very small time as compared to the human beings. The computers can be of different types according to the different scales we can use to differentiate the, for example we can differentiate them on the basis of generation of ... Read More »

Computer Generations And speed Details

The first computers which were made used the Magnetic Drums and they were very large in their size. Eventually the size of the computers reduced and their reliability and speed also increased. This was possible due to the advent of new technologies which made it possible to make the circuits in small area and those which made it possible to ... Read More »

Computer knowledge Test On Founders

Computer knowledge Test for the IBPS,SBI PO and Clerk examination.Here are a few questions which are generally asked in the examinations. All the candidates should need to learn them. They are generally the names of the founder of some large software multinationals which have the effect in the world and have changed and revolutionaries the world. Candidates must check the ... Read More »

Computer Memory Explanation And Types

Computer Memory is one of the most important parts of the computer. Once the computer were only used to perform the functions and display the information on the output devices such as screens and 7 segment displays etc. after the need was felt for the storage devices to keep the result/ output or the processed data for a longer time ... Read More »

Computer storage Devices List For Banking Exams

Candidates must have a good understanding of the computer storage devices that are present in the computer by itself or they can be attached to it for its better performance and speed. IBPS PO and clerk examinations often asks questions from the storage devices of the computer and candidates must be well aware about it and must be able to ... Read More »

MS Excel short cut Keys of Computer Awareness

MS Excel short cuts for IBPS PO and Clerk examination.Microsoft Excel provides lots of feature for record and storage type of data. It is a software program in Ms Office suite which enables the users to enter the data in the pre defined cells to form a record. The smallest individual unit of information in the Ms excel is called ... Read More »

MS Outlook shortcut keys And their functions

Note MS Outlook Short cut keys for the examinations.MS Outlook is also a program in MS Office Suite which enables a user to send the messages to any email server like Gmail, yahoo or any other Mail server right from the computer without using the Internet Mail services. It works on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is a guideline ... Read More »

MS Powerpoint shortcut keys And functions List

MS PowerPoint is probably the most widely used application in industry especially in those which deals which the production and management part. This is one of the most efficient programs to present the data or pictures to the audience. It is widely used for the teaching purpose in schools and colleges and it is used to create various presentations for ... Read More »

Microsoft word all short cut keys and their functions

Microsoft word is one of the most popular document editors present today. This is widely used in all the industries associates be it Banking, IT, software, management, Manufacturing and all.  This is popular as word editing program because it provides a lot of flexibility to the users and they can easily edit, copy, paste, modify, color, and design the page ... Read More »

Parts Of Computer And Their Functions

As earlier said that computer is only an electronic device which performs different functions at a very high speed. With the invent of artificial technology, computer have been using fuzzy logic to make the decisions by themselves and they are becoming more intelligent in each day. Here are some important parts of the computer which everyone must know. The parts ... Read More »