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Computer Abbreviations And Terms

A-Z Computer abbreviations are also asked in most of the competitive examinations and candidates are expected to have knowledge of some of the terms of the computer and most commonly used abbreviations. These will help the candidates to get those 2-3 marks in the computer sections easily where they can even fail by those marks. Candidates should therefore focus on these abbreviations and short forms which will help them in the examinations. These abbreviations are related to the functions of the computer, hardware of the computers, shortcuts for some of the operating system parts and functioning etc.

Following are the general abbreviations used in the computer terms


o   AAL- ATM Adaption Layer

o   ACL- Access Control List

o   ADO- ActiveX Data Objects

o   ADSL-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

o   ADT- Abstract Data Type

o   ALGOL- Algorithmic Language

o   ALU- Arithmetic and Logical Unit

o   ANSI- American National Standard Institute

o   ARP- Address Resolution Protocol

o   ARPA- Address and Routing Parameter Area

o   ARPA- Advanced Research Projects Agency

o   ARPANET- Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

o   AS- Access Server

o   ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange

o   ASM- Algorithmic State Machine

o   ASP- Active Server Pages

o   ASP- Application Server Provider

o   AT- Access Time

o   AT- Active Terminology

o   ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode

o   AVC- Advanced Video Coding

o   AVI- Audio Video Interleaved

o   AWT- Abstract Window Toolkit


o   BAL- Basic Assembly Language

o   BASIC- Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

o   BCD- Binary Coded Decimal

o   BCNF- Boyce-codd Normal Form

o   BER- Bit Error Rate

o   BIN- Binary

o   BINAC- Binary Automatic Computer

o   BIOS- Basic Input Output System

o   BLOB- Binary Large Object

o   BNC- Bayonet Neill-Concelman

o   BPS- Bits per Second


o   CAD- Computer Aided Design

o   CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

o   CAT- Computer Aided Translation

o   CASE- Computer-Aided Software Engineering

o   CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access

o   CD-ROM- CD Read Only Memory

o   CIFS- Common Internet File System

o   CISC- Complex Instruction Set Computer

o   CLR- Common Language Runtime

o   CMOS- Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

o   COBOL- Common Business Oriented Language

o   COM- Component Object Model

o   CORBA- Common Object Request Broker Architecture

o   CPS- Characters per Second

o   CPU- Central Processing Unit

o   CRC- Cyclic Redundancy Check


o   DAC- Digital to Analog Converter

o   DAO- Data Access Objects

o   DAP- Directory access protocol

o   DBA- Data Base Administrator

o   DCCP- Datagram Congestion Control Protocol

o   DCL- Data Control Language

o   DCOM- Distributed Component Object Model

o   DDE- Dynamic Data Exchange

o   DES- Data Encryption Standard

o   DFD- Data Flow Diagram

o   DFS- Distributed File System

o   DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

o   DHTML- Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

o   DMA- Direct Memory Access

o   DML- Data Manipulation Language

o   DNS- Domain Name System

o   DOM- Document Object Model

o   DoS- Denial of Service

o   DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory

o   DSDL- Document Schema Definition Languages

o   DSL- Digital Subscriber Line

o   DSL- Domain Specific Language

o   DVD- Digital Video Disc

o   DVD-ROM – DVD Read Only Memory

o   DVI- Digital Video Interface

o   DVR- Digital Video Recorder


o   EAI- Extensible Authentication Protocol

o   EBML- Extensible Binary Meta Language

o   EEPROM- Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

o   EFI- Extensible Firmware Interface

o   ELM- Electronic Mail

o   EOF- End of File

o   EOL- End of Line

o   EUC- Extended UNIX Code

o   EXT- Extended File System


o   FAP- FORTRAN Assembly Program

o   FAT- File Allocation Table

o   FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

o   FDD- Floppy Disk Drive

o   FDDI- Fiber Distributed Data Interface

o   FDMA- Frequency Division Multiple Access

o   FEC- Forward Error Correction

o   FHS- File system Hierarchy Standard

o   FIFO- First in First out

o   FORTRAN- Formula Translation

o   FPS- Floating Point System

o   FSM- Finite State Machine

o   FTTP- Fiber to the Premises

o   FTP- File Transfer Protocol

o   FXP- File Exchange Protocol


o   GB- Giga Byte

o   GIF- Graphic Interchange Format

o   GIGO- Garbage in Garbage Out

o   GIMP- GNU Image Manipulation Program

o   GML- Geography Markup Language

o   GUI- Graphical User Interface

o   GWT- Google Web Toolkit

H-Z Computer Abbreviations List

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