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Computer Abbreviations For Bank exams

This post is in continuation of the previous post. If the candidates have learned the previous post abbreviations then they can proceed on to this part to learn these abbreviations. After this the computer abbreviation part finishes here. To know more abbreviations and technology terms candidates can Google to find more on this. These are only the basic and most common terms and abbreviations which are asked in all the Banking examination and other exams all the time.

By heart these abbreviations and get assured of getting 203 marks extra in the examination.


o   HBA- Host Bus Adaptor

o   HDD- Hard Disk Drive

o   HD DVD- High Definition DVD

o   HDL- Hardware Description Language

o   HID- Human Interface Device

o   HP- Hewlett-Packard

o   HPFS- High Performance File System

o   HTM- Hierarchical Temporal Memory

o   HTML- Hyper Text Markup language

o   HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

o   Hz- Hertz


o   IC- Integrated Circuit

o   ICE- In circuit Emulator

o   ICMP- Internet Control Message Protocol

o   ICP- Internet Cache Protocol

o   IDE- Integrated Development Environment

o   IDL- Interface Definition Language

o   IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

o   IGRP- Integrated Gateway Routing Protocol

o   IL- Intermediate Language

o   IM- Instant Messenger

o   IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol

o   IP- Internet Protocol

o   IPC- Inter Process Communication

o   IPL- Initial Program Load

o   IPP- Internet Printing Protocol

o   IPX- Internet Packet Exchange

o   ISA- Instruction Set Architecture

o   ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network

o   ISO- International Organization for Standardization

o   ISP- Internet Service Provider


o   J2EE- Java 2 Enterprise Edition

o   J2SE- Java 2 standard Edition

o   JDBC- Java Database Connectivity

o   JDK- Java Development Kit

o   JFC- Java Foundation Classes

o   JMS- Java Message Service

o   JNDI- Java Naming and Directory Interface

o   JNI- Java Native Interface

o   JPEG- Joint Photographic Experts Group

o   JRE- Java Runtime Environment

o   JS- Java Script

o   JSP- Java Server Pages

o   JVM- Java Virtual Machine


o   KB- Kilo Byte

o   KHz- Kilo Hertz

o   KBPS- Kilo Bytes Per Second


o   LAN- Local Area Network

o   LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

o   LCR- Least Cost Routing

o   LED- Light Emitting Diode

o   LIFO- Last in First Out

o   LOC- Lines of Code


o   MAC- Media Access Control

o   MAN- Metropolitan Area Network

o   MANET- Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

o   MDA- Mail Delivery Agent

o   MIB- Management Information Base

o   MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

o   MIDI- Musical Instrument Digital Interface

o   MIMD- Multiple Instruction Multiple Data

o   MIMO- Multiple Input Multiple Output

o   MIPS- Million Instructions Per Second

o   MOSFET- Metal-Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor

o   MPEG- Motion Pictures Expert Group

o   MTA- Mail Transfer Agent

o   MX- Mail Exchange


o   NACK- Negative Acknowledgement

o   NAT- Network Address Translation

o   NFS- Network File System

o   NOS- Network Operating System

o   NUMA- Non-Uniform Memory Access

o   NVR- Network Video Recorder

o   NVRAM- Non-Volatile Random Access Memory


o   OASIS- Organization for the advancement of Structured Information Standards

o   ODBC- Open Data Base Connectivity

o   OLAP- Online Analytical Processing

o   OLE- Object Linking and Embedding

o   OLTP- Online Transaction Processing

o   OOP- Object Oriented Programming

o   OPML- Outline Processor Markup Language

o   ORB- Object Request Broker

o   OSI- Open Systems Interconnection


o   PAN- Personal Area Network

o   PAP- Password Authentication Protocol

o   PDA- Personal Digital Assistant

o   PDF- Portable Document Format

o   PERL- Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

o   PHP- PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor

o   PPI- Pixels per Inch

o   PVR- Personal Video Recorder


o   QA- Quality Assurance

o   QOS- Quality of Service


o   RAM- Random Access Memory

o   RDBMS- Relational Data Base management System

o   RDM- Relational Data Model

o   RDS- Remote Data Service

o   RIP- Routing Information Protocol

o   RMI- Remote Method Invocationn

o   ROM- Read Only Memory

o   RPC- Remote Procedure Call

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