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Characteristics of computers (Computer Awareness)

Computer Awareness concepts for IBPS PO and Clerk (characteristics of computers).A computer can perform several tasks and that too in a very small time as compared to the human beings. The computers can be of different types according to the different scales we can use to differentiate the, for example we can differentiate them on the basis of generation of computers. We can also differentiate the same generation of computers based on their speed, processing capability, fault tolerance and reliability. These are some of the factors that are used to find the characteristics of a computer system. In short you can tell that the characteristics of the computer define the different aspects of the computers like their speed, reliability and processing capabilities. Candidates should learn the concepts from below and they must be able to differentiate the type of computers based on their characteristics.

Following are the various characteristics of computers:

1. Speed

This is the foremost quality that the people can use to differentiate a computer from the other. The speed of computer is measured in Mega hertz and it is generally the speed of the processor to process the instructions that can be given to it. The speed of the computer can be 1024 MHz.

2. Storage capability

This includes the memory of the computer and the secondary memory that is attached to its peripheral.  On characterizing we only see the primary memory of the computer and the capacity of the primary memory. It is expressed in MB or GB.


Accuracy as the name suggests tell how accurately the computer can perform a function which s given to it. It generally relates to only the mathematical calculations that the computer can perform. It tells up to what decimal point the computer can express the result accurately. This accuracy depends on the word length of the computer Memory bus.


This is one of the most important measures to characterize a computer. It tells how good the computer can behave in an odd situation at a system failure or any other incident. This defines the criteria and algorithms that have been used in the computer in fight against the odd situations. This also tells that the data and information do not change automatically by its own. It is an overlapping term with fault tolerance.

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