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Banking Awareness

Merger of Banks to be reality soon (Banking Updates)

Merger of Banks to be reality soon.Government of India is planning to merge a few banks which are not performing well on the economic standard. The government had to push capital to these banks each year to capitalize them so they can work according to the guidelines of RBI and they can fulfill the various norms which the banks are ... Read More »

Financial And Banking Sector Reforms In India

Latest Banking awareness of Financial and Banking reforms in India for examinations.India has undergone a lot of transformations in its financial and banking structure. It has normalized and liberalized the norms for FDI, investment and with better liberalized policies it has influenced the banking and financial sector in India. A lot of questions from this section is asked in the ... Read More »

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Role In Indian Currency

Banking awareness for SBI IBPS and other banks.A lot of questions in the exam is asked from the notes and currency and here we are to tell the candidates some very important facts regarding the currency and bank notes in India. It will help them in all the examination beyond the banking examination. These questions are also asked in Railways ... Read More »

Finance Commission programs in India And Chairmans

finance commission and planning commission¬†in India for banking knowledge.There have been several finance commissions in India after the Independence. It gives its recommendation to the government of India to make policies regarding the financial stability in the country and government. It helps the government to take important decisions regarding some important policies it implements for the country. There are questions ... Read More »

Important Banking Terms And Definitions pdf

Important Banking terms for Banking awareness.Banking terms are a lot in number. They are used in the context of Banking and finance business in India and if you want to enter the world of banking, you should be aware of such terms which are in use. Candidates are advised to go through the list given here which contains some of ... Read More »

List Of RBI governors Of India For The Banking Exams

Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India. it is an independence agency which works with the government of India. it has several functions and mainly it performs the function of price stabilization and the development of the country. List of RBI governors in India pdf for the banking exams.It decides the policy rates which can control the ... Read More »

Types Of Banks And Their Functions For Banking Exams

In India there is several types of Banks operating under the government of India and the private individuals. They are private sector banks, commercial bank, public sector banks, regional rural banks, foreign banks and special purpose banks etc. they have their own functions which should be known to a candidate. We are discussing the functions of each type of banks ... Read More »

NABARD Important points For Banking Awareness

National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development popularly known as NABARD is a very important bank and financial institution which was established by the government of India in 1982 for providing the rural credit to the needy and small scale industries. It fulfills the need of the Regional rural Banks for their credit and also provides the Loan to government ... Read More »

Banking system in India some important facts

Indian Banking system has a vast structure. Banking in India is a licensed business and those who want to start a new business in Banking must apply for the license from the apex bank in India that is reserve Bank. Reserve Bank of India will assess the capability of the banks and will check if the bank has a structure ... Read More »

e Banking And Its features For The Bank Exams

e banking also known as electronic banking is the banking done by the means of internet. A lot of people use to bank over the phone a few years ago after this the sms banking started on the standard charges and now when the data rates have been normalized and a lot of band width is available for the everyone, ... Read More »