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Teaser loan Details for Banking Awareness 2015

All details about teaser loan in banking system for ibps online exam 2015 banking awareness.Teaser loan is a type of loan which bank generally offers to entice its customers as its initial rate of interest to be paid by the customers is very less and generally many people take the loan thinking the low rate of interest but eventually the ... Read More »

Different types of bank accounts and features

Different types of bank accounts for banking awareness 2015.There are various types of bank accounts which one person can open with the bank. To open a account there are some norms which the person must fulfill and ensure the bank before the bank will allow him/ her to open an account. Questions are asked from various types of accounts and ... Read More »

Cheque and its types for banking Awareness 2015

Cheque and its types¬†banking Awareness 2015 general awareness ga.As the IBPS PO and RRBs examinations are coming nearer, a lot of candidates who have been preparing for the examinations are seeking the study materials for the preparation. Here is some of the useful material which the candidates can use to prepare for the examination. Some of the terms are generally ... Read More »

Foreign Investments and Indian stock Markets Details

Foreign Investments and Indian stock Markets banking awareness 2015 general awareness GA topic.Foreign investments are very important for the growth and development of a country. It is often very important factor to decide the GDP of the country. A higher FDI in various sector can indicate a better growth of economy and also the better growth prospects of the country. ... Read More »

RBI third bi monthly policy reviews 2015-16

RBI third bi monthly policy reviews 2015 General awareness of banking.Very imp for IBPS clerk 2015 and IBPS RRB Exam 2015 and PO.Reserve bank of India from time to time changes its policy rates which are very critical in perspective of the development and inflation of the country. According to the recommendations, RBI changes its policy rates bi monthly. Currently ... Read More »

Important Details Of Financial Inclusion

Latest General awareness 2015 Of Some important details on financial inclusion.Financial inclusion has been very important topic of discussion all over the country. It is the idea to bring all the people under the banking system mainly to include the poor, farmers, tenants, hawkers, labors, unorganized sector employee and so on, who do not have a bank account and thus ... Read More »

Brief Description On Foreign Exchange Reserve

Banking awareness 2015 general awareness ga bankers adda power capsules.A brief description on foreign exchange reserve.Here are some of the very important terms used in the field of banking and all those candidates who are preparing for the banking examination need to know and understand these terms which will help them to score good marks in the examination and also ... Read More »

Merger of Banks to be reality soon (Banking Updates)

Merger of Banks to be reality soon.Government of India is planning to merge a few banks which are not performing well on the economic standard. The government had to push capital to these banks each year to capitalize them so they can work according to the guidelines of RBI and they can fulfill the various norms which the banks are ... Read More »

Financial And Banking Sector Reforms In India

Latest Banking awareness of Financial and Banking reforms in India for examinations.India has undergone a lot of transformations in its financial and banking structure. It has normalized and liberalized the norms for FDI, investment and with better liberalized policies it has influenced the banking and financial sector in India. A lot of questions from this section is asked in the ... Read More »

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Role In Indian Currency

Banking awareness for SBI IBPS and other banks.A lot of questions in the exam is asked from the notes and currency and here we are to tell the candidates some very important facts regarding the currency and bank notes in India. It will help them in all the examination beyond the banking examination. These questions are also asked in Railways ... Read More »